Editorial Guidelines for Blog Posts

Guidelines when creating a guest post for Reputation X.


Post Ideas

You can find a list of guest post ideas here. Choose the blog post you do from this list. 

No Guarantee

Reminder, there is no guarantee we will use your content. We reject content for a number of reasons. The most likely one is that it was not written by native English writers or experts in the area the blog post is about. 

Well Researched

Please put the time into researching the information contained in the post. 

Purple Cow


Most guest posts are crap. Don't write about things that have been discussed to death. If the post isn't unique and truly helpful then please don't waste your time. To use Seth Godin's term, make it a "purple cow", a post someone stops and pays attention to because it's different than the other cows.


  • Business casual, but not stiff. Written for professionals. Not goofy.
  • Flesch-Kincaid readability between 50 and 70.


  • You know how writers ramble to fill space. Well, readers skip right over that. So, little to no fluff. Put another way: no long rambling conversational intro paragraphs. Get right to it.
  • Data heavy, preferably with graphs.
  • Descriptive H2 headlines.
  • Images as needed to illustrate ideas.
  • Include meta description
  • Include a tweet


  • Please use the AP Stylebook style of writing.
  • H1 in Title case:  The Title of the article
  • H2 in Sentence case:  The headings in the article
  • H3 in Sentence case:  The sub-headings in the article

Inbound Link Reminder

We check guest posts for inbound links 30-45 days after they are published. If a post hasn't earned any links we tend to take it down. So make sure your post is good enough to earn at least one decent link. 

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