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About the internet reputation management guide

Every individual and company has an online image. Whether it’s good, bad, or currently non-existent, it’s up to you to either control it or let it be controlled by other forces. Social media, review websites, search results, blogs, and beyond all have the power to make or break your reputation and harm your brand. Internet reputation management helps you take the reigns so that you’re the one shaping your image.

Online reputation outpaces WOM

Online reputations are quickly overtaking word-of-mouth recommendations for how and where consumers decide who to give their business to. Even individuals who are looking for employment are realizing that if their online image isn’t on point, they’re unlikely to get very far.

According to data from the Edelman, across the globe, companies and individuals who are trusted online receive more business, more recommendations, more positive feedback, and better revenue. Unsurprisingly, companies with negative, untrustworthy images experience less business, more criticism, and less revenue.

It can get a little complex, though….It’s the age of the Internet, and if someone wants to know about you, they’re going to head to the search box. It’s in your power to make sure that what they see is exactly what you want them to see.

Online reputation management is at least ten times more difficult today than it was just a few years ago. Constant changes to search engines and SEO requirements mean that it takes constant vigilance to figure out how to best tailor your online reputation for success. Location specific searches, Google autocomplete, Google RankBrain, and the rise of artificial intelligence have made life very difficult for those wronged in search results.

Taking back power over the way you are portrayed

There’s a reason large companies dedicate entire teams to managing their online reputations. It’s a big job, requiring lots of oversight and care. Not everyone is in a position though to hire out this facet of their personal brand or business.

Fortunately, there are plenty of free and paid tools for helping you do the work. Our guide will help you navigate the world of online reputation management so that you can be your own advocate when it comes to portraying a positive image.

About the guide

The guide is meant to be an overview of how to improve search results for a business in today’s online environment. It will help you take responsibility and control over your image so that when somebody searches for you they’re seeing the best you that they can.

We cover everything from how things can go wrong to how you can fix them to how you can set up a long-term plan for building and defending your online reputation. While the subject of online reputation management is vast, this primer is a great way to get you started. Enjoy!

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