SEO Writer Job

Contract. Pay per post + bonus.

    SEO Writer Position - Contract

    Pays $100/post. Plus up to $100 bonus/post. 

    We are looking for a professional blogger. The opportunity in a nutshell:

    • $100 per blog post
    • $50 bonus/post if 1000 uniques/ month during first 60 days
    • $25/organic earned inbound DR30+ relevant link ($50 max./post)
    • 50 blogs posts needed
    • Average post length 1000+ words
    • 5-10 posts per week
    • Topics: Reputation, SEO, PR, Wikipedia, etc.

    Reputation X seeks a contract blogger with significant knowledge of SEO, SEM, PR, and related topics. An advanced degree is not required. 

    Please provide five of your best work samples in one or more of the topic areas listed above. 

    Pay and bonuses

    The successful applicant will be paid $100 per blog post, paid weekly. 

    If your blog post organically attracts a minimum of 1,000 unique visitors in the first or second month it is live, you'll receive a $50 bonus. Max is $50 per post. 

    If your blog post organically attracts one link from a DR30+ topically relevant domain we do not already have a link from, you earn an additional $25. Max is $50 per post. 

    About the posts

    We need 50 blog posts created during a two month period.

    We provide headlines, topics, and in some cases a brief outline. 

    The average length of a post should be 1,000 words or more. Posts be "fluff-free". The word length of the post is not nearly as important as how well it satisfies readers and search engines. We suggest using an app like Hemingway for clarity and efficiency. 

    You'll need to write about two well-researched posts per day. Some may take longer, others less time, as long as it averages 5-10 posts per week. 

    We will source the hero imagery, you will need to source other graphics as needed to support your content. Ideally you'll create original imagery using Canva or similar. Any third-party imagery must be copyright free and you'll need to prove it. 

    Content is, for the most part, evergreen in nature. Content about large search engine updates is helpful. The successful applicant will have some leeway as to content ideas so long as it fits our topic list and is approved by management.

    Some content requires research, other types of content will be curated such as "best of" content. 

    We have a content calendar. Random headline examples include:

    • All the ways reputation is scored
    • SEO for Google's People Also Ask (PAA)
    • Tactics for Wikipedia page development
    • Comparison of review management platforms

    Who you'd work with

    The successful applicant will work with a content manager with a dotted line to the Managing Director. 

    How to apply

    Fill out the form below!

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