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How Businesses Improve Online Image

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“Really smart people. That's why Reputation X is one of our most important partners”

- Pamela Johnston - President Cloud 12 Agency


How to craft the perfect search profile

Know why business prospects choose your competition instead of you.

Steps to improve reputation naturally

Search engines can smell a fake. Natural, organic search engine strategies are the safest route to success.

Traps to avoid as you burnish your halo

Certain methods can make things worse. Tips to avoid the traps.

About the Business Reputation Guide

There exists an entire ecosystem of reviews, testimonials, social and journalistic content that defines companies online today. The online reputation management guide for business describes how the technical and social landscape has changed and how leaders can manage that change for their benefit.

What the Guide Covers

The Guide covers important differences between the online environment today versus a few years ago and what business leaders need to know to thrive. Included are:

  • The best methods to improve online reviews
  • Using search engine optimization to improve reputation
  • How to use Google algorithms in your favor
  • Online reputation monitoring tips
  • When responding to negative content online is a bad idea
  • ... and much more