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Reputation management books

“The book to read is not the one that thinks for you, but the one which makes you think” – Harper Lee

Book reading isn’t just a habit. It’s a lifestyle that changes the way a person sees the world, and allows him to understand things from a different perspective. It is also the easiest way to become an expert in any subject — including online reputation management.

With the evolution of PR and ORM, it’s important for business professionals to read the right books that keep them on top of all the latest developments in these areas.

Here’s a list of some of the best reputation management books that cover everything from the basics of ORM to the advanced levels.


The Intentional Entrepreneur is the perfect starting point for entrepreneurs and businesses when it comes effective branding and online reputation management. Author Jen Dalton discusses the importance of understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and building a brand image that directly contributes to your business result.  


The internet is an open platform where people are free to express their views about brands and individuals. But what can a business owner do when a competitor or someone with a personal grudge launches a false propaganda campaign? Defeating an Internet Boogeyman discusses detailed strategies on how businesses can protect their online reputation and effectively combat negative propaganda.


Roughly 95% of people consult the Internet before picking a local business. And 72% of people trust reviews online. Reputation Marketing goes into the depths of different online reputation management strategies and how businesses can benefit from a strong online reputation. The book particularly focuses on online review sites and social media platforms that brands can leverage to build their online reputation.


Online reputation management is as important for individuals and entrepreneurs, as it is for brands and businesses. Personal Branding for Dummies covers everything from buyer personas and brand objectives to exact platforms and strategies that can be used to build a strong personal brand on the web. It lists key drivers of online reputation and how entrepreneurs can use them to build their brand image.


Online reputation management is an ongoing process that requires careful monitoring and timely decisions in order to avoid any mishaps. The Reputation Risk Handbook explains how brands can develop a framework that allows them to continually monitor their online reputation and protect it from any threats. It helps the reader devise a complete online reputation risk management strategy and advocates using a proactive approach to counter any potential threats.


Managing Online Reputation covers the reputation risks, challenges and opportunities that have emerged thanks to the internet. The book shares several case studies and real life examples of effective and ineffective online reputation management campaigns and helps the readers understand the factors behind them.


Complete Reputation Authority guides the reader through the entire reputation management cycle. It is more focused on reputation management strategies for local businesses. The book introduces the concept of a complete reputation system that goes beyond monitoring, and takes a holistic view of reputation management.

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