Frequently asked questions

What is RankBrain?

RankBrain is an AI-based system within Googles search algorithm that helps improve search result quality.

RankBrain applies meaning to searches for terms or concepts that Google doesn’t already have context for in an almost human-like way. It is considered one of the three most important search ranking factors.

We don't know exactly how RankBrain works, and (according to Google) neither does SkyNet Google.

A Quick RankBrain Overview

The RankBrain technology bases its analysis of ambiguous search queries, and particularly complex multi-word queries on knowledge about relevant associated searches it has come across in the past. Google says their technology identifies like patterns among various complex inquiries as well as shorter, more easily understood queries. Those patterns help RankBrain determine how those queries are essentially similar. That information assists the search engine algorithm to interpret complex search queries in the future and identify topics they might relate to.

It is Part of the Algorithm

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence element of Google's search algorithm - it is just a part. It uses machine learning to choose the relevance of search results and to improve the way web pages are ranked in search engine results pages (SERP's). Machine learning systems software gathers information that is not specially provided to it. Like data mining, it searches through data to find trends and uses that data to improve the software's own comprehension.

Identifies Quality Content Without Other Factors

RankBrain can identify the quality of a web page based on factors radically different than factors used in the past. It can rank a page with few links far higher than a page with many links - something that would not have happened in the past. In other words, RankBrain tries to identify the quality of content based only on its own merits.