Strong search results are a form of reputation defense

Web pages that are comparatively "weak" tend not to rise above those that are "strong".

Strong search results can stave off negative online content. Reputation protection enhances the strength and relevance of good content. Online reputation protection is like insurance. Set up a protection plan ahead of time and you’ll be able to minimize damages when a crisis occurs.

At Reputation X, we work with and for our clients to form strategic blueprints that direct businesses on where they want to go, how to get there, and what to do if disaster strikes.

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Here are some of the key areas of focus.

Responsive procedures

If this happens, then how do we act? Establishing proper responses to certain types of negative possibilities helps mitigate problems fast and keeps everybody on the same page. We help our clients develop clear responses so that they’re prepared if rumors, bad reviews, or unflattering news hits the Web.

Protecting search results

The first page of results that come up when someone types your name or your company’s name into a search engine box are either going to help you or they’re going to hurt you. With so much at stake, setting up a plan for making sure those results are positive is a must-do for any individual or corporate brand. Search results can be protected by proactively creating and placing certain content on reputable web sites. Good results on good sites mean that negative results are less likely to come up first.

A plan for reputation protection involves researching similar entities—their page strength, topical relevance, approachability, and more—to learn what websites tend to rank well within your niche. We can then use that information to learn where we should be sharing your content, as well as to gather takeaways for how to improve your own site.

Content plan

We help develop a detailed content plan to promote positive content about your brand. The plan outlines on-site and off-site content to be created, which is then strategically implemented using an editorial calendar and the list of websites we’ve determined would be a good fit for improving your search results.

Placing the wrong content on the wrong sites will most often have no positive effect on search results, so it’s not enough to just write a few words and link to them. We make sure that content is high quality and maximized to meet search engines’ “trust factor” algorithms. Search engines react well to silo-based content that is structured for search engine bot consumption. From SEO press releases to guest posts and third-party articles, well-architected content is key.

Outreach program

It pays to associate your site with other sites that have already established an authoritative presence with search engines. We develop outreach programs to consistently communicate with targeted online publications and build strong, collaborative relationships. The goal is to encourage relevant, reputable websites to steadily publish content that is valuable to their readers and valuable to you as well.

Long-range planning

A well-designed protective reputation strategy can significantly reduce risk by directing us and our clients on how to solve problems before they even arise. By thinking long-term, we not only make the work of future crisis handling easier, we create a clear path for achieving goals.