Guide: Business reputation repair best practices

The guide for internal teams


  • How to monitor online reputation effectively
  • Small changes a PR team can make to improve brand
  • Care and feeding of Wikipedia pages
  • Why negative search results tend to be sticky
  • Checklists for improvement



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This guide is designed to provide you with a basic introduction to online reputation repair for businesses. It begins with an overview of how search engines like Google treat branded search results for a company, then discusses common challenges businesses have with the way they are portrayed online. The next section describes best practices businesses can use that can help to improve online reputation in search results and reviews.

Reputation marketing is a term used to describe all marketing activities related to improving the online reputation of a business. Within reputation marketing are more specific areas, such as:

  • Reputation repair
  • Reputation building
  • Review and ratings management
  • Image management
  • Social media reputation management

This guide will be primarily concerned with reputation repair and to some extent review and ratings management.