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                    Everything is included

                    Everything is included

                    Research, strategy, monitoring, and more. We do it all, so you don’t have to. Here’s a sample of what we provide:

                    • Corporate Brand Monitoring
                    • Research / Analysis / Sentiment
                    • Reputation Management Strategy
                    • Technical Development
                    • Content Development
                    • Promotion / Amplification
                    • Outreach / Negotiation


                    Fastest possible results

                    We work to move the needle quickly.

                    At Reputation X, we've turned rapid resolution into an art form. 

                    The secret lies in our custom solutions. Your reputation management needs dictate the pace and strategy. Yet, regardless of the complexity or simplicity of your situation, our commitment remains the same: to deliver not just results but the fastest possible results.


                    Low to no maintenance

                    Business reputation that's right the first time.

                    At Reputation X, our approach is twofold: we magnify the positives and skillfully mitigate the negatives. This isn't just about solving a problem; it's about sculpting a corporate online presence to reflect what stakeholders are hoping for.

                    We don't believe in shortcuts. Our time-tested methods ensure that your enhanced reputation is not just a fleeting victory but a lasting one.

                    The result? Minimal to zero maintenance.

                    With Reputation X, your business reputation doesn't just get a quick fix; but lasting transformation. 


                    The experience you need

                    17+ years.
                    We've seen it — and solved it.

                    Born in the golden state of California in 2005, Reputation X has evolved with the ever-changing digital landscape. Today, we are one of the most seasoned and trusted reputation management agencies in the world.

                    We possess an intimate knowledge of every digital tool, every strategy, and every nuance necessary to enhance a brand's online presence.

                    We look forward to the opportunity to bring our experience and skills to bear on your business's unique situation. 

                    Five-star reputation management

                    The Reputation X team are like surgeon-wizards for the internet.

                    See how we've done it before

                    View the free corporate reputation management case study

                    Our corporate reputation repair case study will outline a typical issue, the steps we took to solve the problem, and the outcome. This case was chosen as it is closes to a 'typical' case, though all are in fact different.

                    There is no doubt in my mind that Reputation X is the #1 company for online reputation management
                    Merrill Lynch
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                    Corporate reputation repair process

                    01 Research

                    We examine online sentiment, ranking, content types, technical indicators, linking patterns, and content structures to better understand what might be needed to succeed.

                    02 Strategy

                    Your custom strategy will outline what we plan to do. We'll meet with you to discuss each step and answer any questions you may have.

                    03 Development

                    Development may include entire websites, articles, blog posts, third-party publications, reviews, testimonials and more. It may also include minor adjustments to web properties you already control.

                    04 Content

                    We will share our content strategy with you and you will know about, and often approve, any branded online content we develop. Content may take many forms.

                    05 Promotion

                    The promotion stage often involves either on-page SEO, off-page SEO, or both. We will be closely monitoring how the environment changes, and promoting content whose sentiment is positive.

                    06 Monitor & improve

                    Reputation X monitors brand sentiment and other online reputation KPIs in order to react quickly and promote further improvement.


                    Guide to corporate reputation repair

                    Best practices for business reputation management


                    Corporate reputation repair overview

                    Reputation repair services overview

                    Reputation X repairs the online profiles of corporations, small businesses, executives, politicians, and other entities. With our team repairing your reputation, you can:

                    How long does reputation repair take?

                    The time required to fix a search result problem depends on the issue. For example:

                    • Removal of negative online content can take as little as one week. While most online content cannot be removed altogether (only if the page owner consents to removal), we can usually remove something if Reputation X has worked with a publisher before. If not, it can take months and depends on many factors. We will inform you if we do not believe something can be removed from Google or another search engine. 
                    • Push Down Search Results: When content can't be removed outright, we use more advanced campaigns to "sink" bad content in search results until it only appears beyond the first page. For this kind of campaign, brands usually start to see results within two months. On average, it takes about 10 months to push negative web content from the first pages of search results. Some campaigns are much faster, others take more time. For example, powerful websites (such as major news outlets and high-profile blogs) will need more time. A lesser-known blog will take less time. 
                    • Improve online reviews: It takes about two weeks to start to see online reviews improve. The time it takes to make big improvements takes longer - usually months. Another factor that affects how long reviews take to improve is the starting point. If reviews begin at one star, it will take months to get to three or four stars. 

                    Learn more about how long reputation management tactics take.

                    What is the process of repairing search results?

                    The reputation repair process we use depends on the issue we are trying to solve. Most projects follow a six-stage approach to mend search results for a brand. The steps include Setup, Research, Strategy, Content, Development, and Promotion. 


                    Learn more about the reputation management process.

                    Does the process work?

                    Yes, the reputation rebuilding process works well. We've been recovering the online reputations of brands and people for more than seventeen years. During that time we have rectified just about every problem you can imagine. 

                    What kinds of things can be removed?

                    The following types of harmful content can often be removed:

                    • Posts on some sites (negotiated removal)
                    • Anything that violates Google, Bing, or Yahoo Terms of Service
                    • Copyright violations

                    Articles on big news sites like CNN, NY Times, or Bloomberg usually cannot be removed. Sometimes local news articles can be eliminated or changed to reduce visibility in search results. Blog posts can sometimes be deleted on a case-by-case basis. 

                    Learn more about what kinds of search results can be removed.

                    What happens if something can't be removed?

                    If Reputation X can't get rid of problem web content, we can usually reduce its visibility. This is called search engine suppression - it pushes Google and other search results down. 

                    When a lousy search result is weakened compared to others, better search results can be pushed up. Not only does the damaging result move down, but positive content takes its place. It is both repair and online brand building. 

                    How much does the repair cost?

                    Prices for simple removal from a publisher we have already successfully removed content from can start at $3,000 one-time. Prices for Wikipedia page repair begin at $5,000 per month for at least six months. The cost of a full reputation repair campaign starts at $4,000. Complex, global, or multi-language campaigns start at $10,000 per month. 

                    Methods used to repair search results

                    Removal of negative content at the source

                    Negative online content can sometimes be removed from the source or search results. When content is deleted from the website it is hosted on, it's a source removal. This method for getting rid of problem web content often reveals a violation of terms of service. 

                    Negotiation with the publisher

                    Reputation X can negotiate with web publishers to get online content removed. We also have existing relationships with some publishers and can provide fast removals. Inquire with us to find out if we can have the content removed from a specific publisher. 

                    Improve ratings and reviews

                    88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Our review service removes negative reviews (wherever possible), increases star ratings, and reduces negative feedback. We can work with over 25 popular review platforms. These include Yelp, Google Reviews, Consumer Reports, Facebook, and more. 

                    Direct removal from search engines

                    Some content can be removed from Google or other search engines. This includes content violating search engine rules, copyrighted content, and other legally protected content. This type of removal is known as de-indexing

                    Push negative search results down to reduce visibility

                    If problem search results cannot be removed, they can often be "pushed down." This method of reputation management is known as suppression. Positive content is created and/or promoted above the negative until it is rarely seen. 

                    Improve online brand

                    Sometimes search result sentiment needs improvement. Brands are often confused with those of competitors. Often they simply have a weak online profile. Reputation X improves an online brand by strengthening the best parts of search results. This can include online profiles, websites, articles, and other media related to the brand.

                    Counterpoint development

                    When search results only tell one side of the story, we often create a "counterpoint". A counterpoint narrative is a temporary measure to balance the level while a campaign is underway to improve the brand's online messaging. It's a counter-narrative placed in search results, so our clients don't have to keep explaining what happened. Prospective customers and stakeholders can see the counterpoint right in search results. When the time is right, we take it down. 

                    Reputation repair in over a dozen languages

                    Reputation X performs online reputation management services in over a dozen languages, including but not limited to:

                    • American English
                    • UK English
                    • Spanish
                    • Italian
                    • Mandarin
                    • French
                    • German
                    • Bahasa Indonesian
                    • Lao

                    Project strategy and management occur in English, while content is developed by native speakers and writers that are usually located in the target location. Reporting is provided in English. Reputation management localization may incur an additional cost. 

                    What's your reputation costing you?

                    In today's online environment, many factors can cost a brand opportunity. What might negative search results cost you? We can help you figure that out. Click here to set up an appointment for a free analysis of your online brand and the steps that can be taken to improve it.

                    FAQs about corporation reputation repair

                    A less serious issue might be a single negative in a local publication. Compare this to a more serious problem with multiple negative articles, or where one or more are in national publications like the New York Times or Fox News. The latter situation is much more challenging, so it requires more resources and frequently more time to solve. 

                    Reputation repair for a person generally begins to bear fruit after 60-90 days, though it can take six months or longer to clean up an issue. However, if negative content can be removed either from search engines or at the source, results will be much faster.

                    A typical reputation improvement campaign for an individual will need content approvals, one or more interviews, some photography (usually headshots), but not much else. Reputation X does the vast majority of the work. There is usually one or more meeting per month via Zoom, and most communication from our Project Managers takes place over email.

                    Free reputation consultation

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                    Talk with an expert
                    schedule a meeting

                    Set a Meeting

                    Schedule a Zoom meeting with an expert

                    Discuss your options with an expert. Get answers to questions about the best way to proceed, timeline, pricing, and much more.

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