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The whole profile

We enhance the entire online profile.

Our corporate reputation marketing services improve nearly every aspect of the brand’s search profile. We improve online sentiment for the brand, SEO, Knowledge Panel, Wikipedia, reviews, like Google reviews and Yelp, executive profiles, and social content.

Our objective is to improve how the brand is seen online by all stakeholders.


Measurable results

Clear, objective improvement.

We provide concise reporting, but the ever-improving online profile that you can search yourself is the best possible proof. Positive content rises, Wikipedia improves, star ratings go up, and the whole profile is enhanced.


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17+ years.
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Reputation X is one of the world's most experienced online reputation marketing firms. Reputation X was founded way back in 2005. Our team is based in California, with team members throughout the US and internationally.

There is no doubt in my mind that Reputation X is the #1 company for online reputation management.
Merrill Lynch
Sr. Executive

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The reputation marketing process

01 Research

We examine online sentiment, ranking, content types, technical indicators, linking patterns, and content structures to better understand what might be needed to succeed.

02 Strategy

Your custom strategy will outline what we plan to do. We'll meet with you to discuss each step and answer any questions you may have.

03 Development

Development may include entire websites, articles, blog posts, third-party publications, reviews, testimonials and more. It may also involve minor adjustments to web properties you already control.

04 Content

We will share our content strategy with you, and you will know about, and most often approve, any branded online content we develop. Content may take many forms.

05 Promotion

The promotion stage typically involves either on-page SEO, off-page SEO, or both. We will be closely monitoring how the environment changes, and promoting content whose sentiment is positive.

06 Monitor & improve

Reputation X monitors brand sentiment and other online reputation KPIs in order to react quickly and promote further improvement.


Guide to reputation marketing

Best practices for business reputation marketing


Reputation marketing overview


"Sentiment" is the polarity of an opinion- whether it is positive, negative, or neutral. It can be expressed in review scores, star ratings, or like/dislike indicators. Reputation marketing is the practice of monitoring and improving sentiment around your brand online.

Reputation marketing is a vital strategy for any business that wants to maintain and improve its online presence. It helps business decision-makers better understand and control what is being said about the brand or company and use that understanding to improve how it is seen online. 

Reputation marketing involves the following tactics:

  • Monitoring brand mentions
  • Knowledge Panel development
  • Organic ranking of positive content
  • Business listings management
  • Online review and rating management
  • Wikipedia writing & editing
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media development
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Online image management


Reputation marketing pricing

Prices below are typical. However, each program is customized to some degree based on the needs of the client.



  • Best for local businesses
  • Improve reviews
  • Light SEO
  • Listings management



  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Regional search optimization
  • Multiple locations
  • Custom program



  • Larger organizations
  • National SEO
  • Many locations
  • Highly customized program

Questions about Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is the promotion, monitoring, and acquisition of positive brand content. It is a strategy used to better understand and control what is being said about you or your company in reviews, social media comments, online forums, and traditional press.

While there are many similarities between reputation marketing and reputation management, reputation marketing tends to focus on promoting positive content to highlight a brand's image with the goal of improving its sales. Reputation management is primarily concerned with protecting the brand by monitoring and influencing what people see about it.

Reputation marketing provides an opportunity to build your brand authority and reputation. It can lead to improved reviews and ratings, more fair and balanced Wikipedia pages, improved website SEO, better developed Google Business Profiles (formerly Google My Business), improved local SEO, Google Knowledge Panel development, and a higher percentage of owned branded search results.

Free reputation consultation

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Talk with an expert
schedule a meeting

Set a Meeting

Schedule a Zoom meeting with an expert

Discuss your options with an expert. Get answers to questions about the best way to proceed, timeline, pricing, and much more.

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