Information for vendors

Where should invoices be sent?

Invoices should be emailed to the Project Manager with whom you or your company is working. They should not be sent directly to Accounting.

How often do you cut checks?

Officially, we cut checks on a thirty-day cycle. But in reality, vendors are paid far more quickly than that, generally within about two weeks of submitting an approved invoice. Once a vendor submits an invoice to their Project Manager, the goods or services are audited by our accounting department before being released for payment.

I did the work many months ago. Why am I not getting paid faster?

Don't wait to submit an invoice. Our system of auditing vendor invoices is mandatory. Even if you did the work in 2005 (when we were founded), it would still require about two weeks from when we get your invoice to get a check cut. Remember, two parties audit invoices, the Project Manager and the accounting office. It takes a little time, so thanks for your patience. 

When should I invoice?

Generally, we would strongly appreciate it if you would invoice in the month you did the work. It helps keep our accounting staff happy and can get you paid sooner. If you cannot invoice in the month in which the work was done, invoice as soon as possible. 

How detailed should invoices be?

Your invoices should be pretty detailed. If the work you did was for a specific project, please list the project in the line item being billed for. Vague invoices will require someone to get back to you for clarification and could slow payment.

Include your company name, address, telephone number, invoice number and details about the service or product delivered. If a service, include the date or month the service was rendered.