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Reputation Management Services

Improve or repair your online reputation

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One bad search result can cost you 22% of your business

Our online reputation repair services can include content removal, enhancement of positive content, improving reviews, and more.

What is Online Reputation Management?

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Your online reputation is essentially a public version of your credit score.

Not long ago, a company’s reputation was largely driven by word-of-mouth. Then search engines arrived, and evolved. These days, search engines and social media give buyers an unprecedented level of influence over the public online reputation of companies and individuals everywhere. 

The reputation of companies and individuals can rise and fall at the whim of consumers. In fact, a single star more on an independent review site can easily be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Corporate reputation management helps brands take more control of how they are seen online by improving search and social messaging.

What online reputation management is

No matter the size of your business, anyone could be talking about you at any given time. How, when, and where you engage (or don’t engage) this conversation is what smart online reputation management is all about - and what makes or breaks your success at it.

Here's a look at reputation by the numbers:

  • 91% of North American consumers read online reviews to learn about a business
  • 60% of consumers say negative reviews turned them away
  • 64% of people trust search engines for research
  • 77.98% of search engine traffic is controlled by Google
  • 87% of people comparison shop every time
  • 42% of U.S. adults who are online look someone up online before doing business with them
  • A single bad search result on the first page of Google can cost you 22% of your business

PR vs. ORM vs. SEO

Online reputation management (ORM) is not quite the same as public relations (PR). Although the two share similarities and may be used in conjunction with one another, PR tends to be more forward facing and visible to members of the public. Whereas online reputation management (ORM) services often occur behind the scenes. PR companies often use ORM companies to quietly improve their clients' brands by improving search results in a more technical manner.

The ORM process is part “technical public relations”, part content management, part review curation, and part public relations. ORM strategy leverages things like SEO, content development and publication, online review management services, social media, legal tactics, and more to improve the online presence of a brand or individual. 

What do online reputation services cost?

The truth is, ORM costs vary dramatically depending on what you need and how difficult it is to achieve. But more importantly, keep in mind not all reputation management is created equal (and it’s not always easy to tell what you’re getting).

The qualitative difference between automated, software-based, or DIY solutions and intelligent, creative, human-driven campaigns is huge in both results and cost. Getting the attention of a global publication or moving a negative search result on that publication down in rankings for $500 is not realistic. The resources required for such a change are significant.

Prices normally range from about $1,500 per month for an online review management campaign and from $3,000 per month for a reputation repair campaign. The latter can cost much more per month depending on the resources needed to solve a given problem such as a variety of search phrases, multiple markets, language translations, etc.  

The best online reputation management (ORM) companies make the internet better, not worse. Some may say that ORM is simply a matter of pushing a lot of content up on the web. That's no longer true, and hasn't been for years.

Different Kinds of ORM Companies

There are various categories of reputation firm. It's difficult for someone without an online marketing background to know the difference between them, but they're important. 

Automation-based firms

Less human input, more software. These companies are very good for review management projects, as those types of projects rely heavily on computer automation to be successful.

SEO companies

Many SEO companies hold themselves out as reputation agencies as well. But SEO and ORM are different. ORM uses SEO, but SEO doesn't use ORM. These firms are often very good at search engine marketing. Make sure you know which one you want: SEO or ORM.

"Cheap" reputation companies

It's pretty much impossible for a real internet reputation project to be cheap. These companies will advertise large numbers of social bookmarks, blog comments, and very inexpensive link building. We've not seen that method work for a long time.

Dedicated reputation agencies

These companies rely less on automation, more on strategy, negotiation, online mythology building, and "people" skills. Reputation X is a dedicated reputation management agency. 

Types of Reputation Management

Reputation management consultants will help select the best program to reach your goals. The four main kinds of reputation management include:

Reputation Repair

Online reputation repair is all about improving online sentiment of you or your brand. It includes the removal of negative content, the dilution of negative content with positive content your audience engages with, and even a reengineering of the search results in some cases.

Search Engine Optimization

Not all SEO services are created equal. Real SEO is all about creating useful and thoughtful content your customers want to read and share, then publishing it on authoritative sites that actually boost your credibility, in the same way networking with the right people boosts yours in real life.

Online Review Management

Review management is all about curating and improving the quality of the reviews of your services or products (ethically, of course). This often includes automated and human augmented monitoring and improvement, as well as removal of reviews (in some cases) and influencer targeting.

Reputation Protection

Reputation protection helps you proactively strengthen your online reputation to reduce the risk of being impacted by negative content in the first place. It often includes a dilution of negative reviews to reduce their impact, mitigating potential negative content risks at the source before they start, and repositioning online content to better represent your brand.

Beyond the four mentioned above, there are more granular options like Wikipedia, International, Yelp, Monitoring, Celebrity or other types of reputation improvement services. 

Online Review Management

Boost the quality of your online reviews

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A single star can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars

Our online review management services include review monitoring, review removal (in some cases), influencer targeting, and more.

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SEO Services

Improve search ranking the right way

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On and off page search engine optimization services that stand the test of time

The best SEO services work with search engines like Google, not against them. We provide SEO for mobile, desktop, and voice search.

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Online reputation management services

Protect Online Brand

Improve online sentiment by cleaning up search results, including removing negative online results, improving reviews, enhancing positive content, and improving search engine rankings.

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