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Correct Information Online

Search results get their information from various places. We identify inaccurate information online and work to correct it. This includes databases, Wikis, website, profiles, blog posts, article and more. Reputation X sets the record straight.

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Overview of Data Correction Services

Inaccurate information or misinformation in online profiles and search results can damage a company’s reputation. Inaccurate profiles online can confuse search engines, leading to inaccurate or fewer search results. It can also create operational inefficiencies, misguide stakeholders, and attract legal issues, ultimately hampering the brand’s credibility and growth.

Profile Polishing

Our service ensures your business profile reflects accurate, up-to-date information across the web. By conducting a thorough gap analysis between your ideal business profile and current online information, we identify and correct inaccuracies—be it wrong addresses, founding dates, founders, product descriptions, Wikidata, or other databases —enhancing your brand’s credibility and ensuring consistency across platforms.

Transform Online Profiles

Reputation X specializes in identifying and correcting inaccuracies across various online platforms, including databases, Knowledge Panel, Wikipedia, Wikidata, review sites, search engines, online maps, articles, blog posts, and more. Reputation X helps brands maintain accuracy, enhance their online presence, and build trust with prospective customers and other stakeholders.

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Read what our clients say about Reputation X services.

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Rosemary Plorin President, Lovell Communications

You will be glad to have Reputation X as a strategic partner.

Ralph Serrano President, Safe Harbor Capital

Reputation X has done an excellent job for our company. They deleted nearly all negative online content placed by a very active detractor and pushed down the rest.

Pamela Johnston President, Cloud 12

Really smart people. That’s why Reputation X is one of our most important partners.

Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Image

Merrill Lynch Sr. Executive

There is no doubt in my mind that Reputation X is the #1 company for online reputation management.

Brodie Tyler President, Revenue Jump

Not only is [Reputation X] a great company, and they provide great services, their people are also great! I would have no qualms about referring them to any of our clients.

Patrick L. Medical Professional

Reputation X was, in one word, a blessing.

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Information Correction FAQs

Assure your information is correct across various profiles, databases, and websites with our information correction service.

What kinds of online information can be updated?

Many profiles can be corrected and updated including social, Wikipedia, review sites, Google Business, websites, maps and databases.

How many sites does Reputation X have access to?

We have over 100 major sites, profiles and databases we can update. If it can be updated, we can do it.

Does Reputation X do research to find inaccurate information?

Yes, we audit your brand name and variations of it to find not only information sources that are publicly visible, but the less visible ones that feed those as well.

Google 5 Stars Better Business Bureau - A+ rating Trustpilot 5 stars Glassdoor 5 Stars Clutch 5 Stars

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