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Reputation management services overview

Reputation management works to monitor and engineer how people perceive an entity. Today, search and social media are the windows through which people obtain information about a company, product, service, person, or brand. Reputation management controls and organizes information online to improve sentiment about the subject. 


What reputation management can do

Many aspects of an online profile can be improved:

  • Removal of negative content from Google
  • Bury negative online content
  • Protect online reputation
  • Improve Knowledge Panel
  • Wikipedia article writing for people or businesses
  • Improve ratings and reviews
  • Build a personal brand
  • Improve online brand with reputation marketing
  • Search engine ranking improvement

  • Removal of negative content from Google: Negative content can severely damage a person's or business's reputation. Sometimes, Reputation X can remove negative content from Google search results, review sites, or other publishers, by requesting removal through legal means, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Alternatively, negative content can be suppressed by promoting positive content that is relevant and authoritative to push the negative content down in search results.

  • Bury negative online content: When negative content cannot be removed, Reputation X can often promote positive content that is relevant and authoritative about the brand so the positive information is much more visible online than the negative. This can be done through SEO, social media marketing, and other digital marketing techniques. Burying negative content helps to improve a person's or business's online reputation.

  • Protect online reputation: Online reputation management involves monitoring and maintaining a person's or business's online reputation. Reputation X can help to identify and address negative content and promote positive content to protect a person's or business's online reputation.

  • Improve Knowledge Panel: A Knowledge Panel is a box that appears on the right side of Google search results that provides quick and easy access to information about a person or business. Improving a Knowledge Panel involves optimizing content and data that appears in the panel to ensure that it accurately represents a person or business and promotes a positive image. Reputation X researches where specific information is being pulled from, then works to either change the source information or change the source itself. 

  • Wikipedia article writing for people or businesses: A Wikipedia article can be a valuable asset for a person or business as it provides an authoritative and comprehensive overview of their history, accomplishments, and notable achievements. However, creating a Wikipedia article is a complex and time-consuming process that requires adherence to strict guidelines and navigation of a byzantine editing environment. Working with a professional Wikipedia article writing service like Reputation X can ensure that the article is well-written, accurate, and complies with Wikipedia's guidelines.

  • Improve ratings and reviews: Online ratings and reviews can significantly impact a business's reputation. Improving ratings and reviews involves monitoring and responding to feedback, encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, and addressing negative reviews constructively. Reputation X uses either gated or non-gated methods of review and rating improvement. Our success record is over 95%.

  • Build a personal brand: Personal branding involves creating a strong and positive image for an individual. Building a personal brand involves identifying a person's strengths, creating a unique value proposition, and promoting their personal brand through various marketing channels.

  • Improve online brand with reputation marketing: Reputation marketing involves promoting a person's or business's positive reputation through relevant marketing channels. Reputation marketing can include social media marketing, content marketing, and other digital marketing techniques to promote a person's or business's positive reputation and improve their online brand.

  • Search engine ranking improvement: Improving a person's or business's search engine ranking involves optimizing their website and content for search engines. This can include keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and other SEO techniques to improve search engine ranking and drive more traffic to a website. Reputation X can help your business improve its visibility online.

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