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We’ve helped clients navigate reputational crisis’ like the Panama and Paradise Papers, Ashley Madison, Me Too, attack journalism, editing Wikipedia, and more for nearly 20 years. We help companies, executives, celebrities, billionaires, and individuals control their reputation online ethically. We can help you too.

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The Reputation X team are like
surgeon-wizards for reputation online.

You will be glad to have Reputation X as a strategic partner

Really smart people. That’s why Reputation X is one of our most important partners.

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Choose a reputation management service area.

Repair Reputation

Remove search results, improve online sentiment, and regain control of your brand image.

Learn more about repair reputation

Improve Online Brand

Build your brand image, rank higher in search results, and drive more business growth.

Learn more about improve online brand

Edit Wikipedia

Create a new Wikipedia page, edit existing Wikipedia pages, and monitor pages for changes.

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From negative content removal to suppression, correction, and ratings and improving Wikipedia, our experts can solve nearly any online brand issue.

Remove Search Results

Remove search results, improve online sentiment, and regain control of your brand image.

Remove Results from Search

Suppress Search Results

Reduce the visibility of negative information online. Replace it with positive content.

Suppress Search Results

Reputation Strategy

Design a reputation improvement roadmap to both improve and protect your brand.

Reputation Strategy

Create A Wikipedia Page

Earn a Wikipedia article for yourself or your brand. Leverage your notability.

Create Wikipedia Articles

Edit An Existing Wikipedia Page

Edit Wikipedia pages. Correct inaccuracies, balance the narrative, reduce bias.

Wikipedia Editing Services

Reputation Marketing

Online reputation marketing services to improve how a brand is seen online.

Reputation Marketing Services

Remove Content from Search

Remove or suppress unflattering online images.

Remove Results from Search

Improve Online Reviews

Improve star ratings, remove damaging reviews, increase positive reviews and monitor the online narrative.

Improve Your Online Brand

Improve Knowledge Panels

Improve Knowledge Panel content by taking control and finding and changing source material.

Knowledge Panel Improvement
Google 5 Stars Better Business Bureau - A+ rating Trustpilot 5 stars Glassdoor 5 Stars Clutch 5 Stars


Read what our clients say about Reputation X services.

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Rosemary Plorin President, Lovell Communications

You will be glad to have Reputation X as a strategic partner.

Ralph Serrano President, Safe Harbor Capital

Reputation X has done an excellent job for our company. They deleted nearly all negative online content placed by a very active detractor and pushed down the rest.

Pamela Johnston President, Cloud 12

Really smart people. That’s why Reputation X is one of our most important partners.

Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Image

Merrill Lynch Sr. Executive

There is no doubt in my mind that Reputation X is the #1 company for online reputation management.

Brodie Tyler President, Revenue Jump

Not only is [Reputation X] a great company, and they provide great services, their people are also great! I would have no qualms about referring them to any of our clients.

Patrick L. Medical Professional

Reputation X was, in one word, a blessing.

Case Studies, Guides and Articles

Information about reputation management and Wikipedia writing.


Online Reputation Management Services Overview

Overview of Online Reputation Management

Learn about what reputation management can accomplish and how it’s done from the experts.

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Wikipedia Case Study

Wiki Case Study


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Reputation Case Study

Case Study


What is Reputation?



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Online Reputation FAQ

Answers to questions about online reputation management services and Wikipedia editing.

What is reputation?

Reputation is people’s general opinion or estimation about someone or something. It measures how much respect, admiration, credibility, or trust a person or entity has earned in a particular social group or community. Reputation is often based on the perceived quality of an individual’s or group’s actions, character, and accomplishments. A person or entity with a good reputation is generally seen as reliable, trustworthy, and worthy of respect. Conversely, a person or entity with a bad reputation is often seen as untrustworthy, unreliable, or lacking in character.

What’s Reputation

What is reputation management?

Online reputation management (ORM) services are strategies and tactics used by reputation management companies to control and improve how their clients are seen online. ORM services monitor digital footprints, address negative content, and amplifying positive online content. By engaging in SEO tactics, social media management, and content creation, reputation managers work to influence what information appears in search engine results, AI models, and across social platforms.

What’s ORM?

Why is reputation management important?

Managing your reputation is a key success factor. Reputation affects career opportunities, business relationships, and social status for individuals, while impacting the bottom line, customer attraction, and market valuation for businesses. A good reputation is built on trust, credibility, and integrity, and offers competitive advantages. Not only does it improve customer acquisition, it also provides resilience during a reputational crisis. Actively managing your reputation is essential in a world where everyone Google’s you long before you meet.

Why Important

How long does reputation repair take?

Reputation repair (excluding removals) that involves pushing negative content down and positive content up takes about two months to begin working in most cases. The average reputation repair campaign takes six to ten months for satisfactory results.

How Long

What do online reputation management services cost?

High quality online reputation management services are resource-intensive. Costs can range from about USD $4,000 per month and up. Costs vary due to degree of difficulty as well as other factors. Review and ratings management can cost as little as $250 per month.


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