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Monitor Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia has its share of editor bias, inaccurate information, and propaganda. Our Wikipedia article monitoring service not only alerts you to changes, but provides insights on who made the changes, why, and what might be done about it.

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Overview of Wikipedia Monitoring

More Than Monitoring

We do more than monitor Wikipedia articles for changes. We look for the reasons behind the edits, who made them, and whether they are beneficial edits or not. We then report both the change and insights behind the changes to you.

Not Only What, But Why

“Why was my page changed?” We get that question often. It’s important to watch for changes and measure whether they are good or bad, accurate or inaccurate. We even examine why someone edited the page based on their Wikipedia editor user profile and past edit history. Bias is a big problem on Wikipedia. Monitoring and analysis help you understand not just the what but the why.

Insights: Next Steps

Knowing what to do when a Wikipedia article changes is the first step to controlling your online narrative on the platform. Should an edit be called out? How about the editor? Should the Talk page be used, and if so, how? These are the types of questions analysis of your page will reveal so that your next step can be the right step.

Case Studies, Guides and Articles


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How Wikipedia Affects Brands

It goes beyond influence

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Wikipedia Facts

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Rosemary Plorin President, Lovell Communications

You will be glad to have Reputation X as a strategic partner.

Ralph Serrano President, Safe Harbor Capital

Reputation X has done an excellent job for our company. They deleted nearly all negative online content placed by a very active detractor and pushed down the rest.

Pamela Johnston President, Cloud 12

Really smart people. That’s why Reputation X is one of our most important partners.

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Merrill Lynch Sr. Executive

There is no doubt in my mind that Reputation X is the #1 company for online reputation management.

Brodie Tyler President, Revenue Jump

Not only is [Reputation X] a great company, and they provide great services, their people are also great! I would have no qualms about referring them to any of our clients.

Patrick L. Medical Professional

Reputation X was, in one word, a blessing.

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Wikipedia Monitoring FAQs

Here are the most frequent questions and answers about Wikipedia monitoring and analysis.

What is Wikipedia page monitoring?

Wikipedia monitoring involves analyzing and alerting about changes to a Wikipedia page, as well as analyzing the sentiment of edits as they are made. It is a service that aims to safeguard the online image of individuals or brands by ensuring that their Wikipedia page reflects an accurate and unbiased portrayal of your brand.

Why is your monitoring service better?

Reputation X provides much more than an email alerting you to a change to a Wikipedia page. We provide insights on editing history, who edited the page, and why.

Google 5 Stars Better Business Bureau - A+ rating Trustpilot 5 stars Glassdoor 5 Stars Clutch 5 Stars

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