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Improve Reviews & Ratings

Review management is part of our reputation marketing service offering. It improves online reviews and ratings. It can also be used to remove certain kinds of reviews.

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Overview of Review Improvement

More Stars. Fewer Bad Reviews.

Every review platform has different rules. Our online review management services examine negative reviews to understand whether they can be removed according to Terms of Service violations. This happens more than you might think, and it’s another way our full-service review and ratings management service helps drive business opportunities your way.

Choose: Gated or Non-Gated.

Gated and non-gated review management refers to the difference between whether or not a customer is asked if they liked the service or product before requesting they leave a review somewhere. Gated reviews tend to perform better and allow you to improve customer service before bad reviews are created. However, non-gated review management is preferred by some review platforms.

Any Platform

Most review management services use their systems by default. Reputation X uses the system that works best for you. For example, sometimes data is stored in the wrong country. Other times, there is no choice between gated or non-gated review gathering. We find and set up a system that both complies with your location and gets you the best online ratings possible.

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Different Review Programs

Differences you should know.

Reviews Explained


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How It Works



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Cost Overview



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How Many Reviews are Needed?

Ratios of Positive and Negative Reviews

Review Ratios


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Read what our clients say about Reputation X services.

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Rosemary Plorin President, Lovell Communications

You will be glad to have Reputation X as a strategic partner.

Ralph Serrano President, Safe Harbor Capital

Reputation X has done an excellent job for our company. They deleted nearly all negative online content placed by a very active detractor and pushed down the rest.

Pamela Johnston President, Cloud 12

Really smart people. That’s why Reputation X is one of our most important partners.

Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Image

Merrill Lynch Sr. Executive

There is no doubt in my mind that Reputation X is the #1 company for online reputation management.

Brodie Tyler President, Revenue Jump

Not only is [Reputation X] a great company, and they provide great services, their people are also great! I would have no qualms about referring them to any of our clients.

Patrick L. Medical Professional

Reputation X was, in one word, a blessing.

Review and Ratings Management FAQ

Here are the most frequent questions and answers about online review and ratings management services.

What is online review management?

Online review management is the process of monitoring and responding to the reviews that customers leave about a business online. Review management strategy involves building a digital public image one online review at a time, and it includes organically creating reviews, monitoring reviews, responding to reviews, and increasing the visibility of positive reviews. This process is key for maintaining a positive brand reputation, boosting search engine performance, and engendering brand trust online.

Review Strategy

How fast do reviews and ratings improve?

Very fast. Improvements often begin a week after setup and almost always continue to improve over the life of the campaign.

Gated vs. non-gated reviews. What’s the difference?

Gated and non-gated review management refer to the difference between whether or not a customer is asked if they liked the service or product before requesting they leave a review somewhere.

Gated / Non-Gated

What is the difference between managed and unmanaged?

Managed review services mean that we take care of everything. From setup, through AB testing messaging, to reporting and recommendations for improvement.

What does fully managed review management cost?

1-9 locations: $500 per month each / 10-99 locations: $400 per month each / 100+ locations: $225 per month each.

Included in Review Management Campaigns

Campaigns include research, setup, messaging, AB testing, monitoring and reporting of reviews and ratings improvement.

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Competitor research of ratings and reviews.

Notability Analysis

System Setup

Review systems chosen based on your custom requirements.

Message Testing

Testing of messaging for highest conversion rates.

Notability Analysis

Program Execution

Fully managed review and rating program management.

Wikipedia Notability Analysis

Monitoring and Reporting

Star-rating monitoring and reporting

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Google 5 Stars Better Business Bureau - A+ rating Trustpilot 5 stars Glassdoor 5 Stars Clutch 5 Stars

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