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Push Down
Negative Search Results

Bad search results can often be suppressed to dramatically reduce their visibility. We push down negative search results on Google by developing and elevating positive content. We not only bury bad search results, we replace them with better ones to improve your online profile.

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Overview of Search Result Suppression

Reduce Visibility of Negatives

Search result suppression helps positive content become more visible and negative content less visible. More than 90% of people do not search past the first page of Google. We push results further down so that fewer people see them. In fact, we often push them so far down they effectively disappear.

Increase Visibility of Positives

Strategies for pushing down search results differ. But one constant is the need to create and/or promote positive online content to fill the gap. We identify search results that are both positive and have the technical backbone to rise. We then use content development and SEO promotion techniques to help them do so. In time, positive content outranks negative.

Transform Online Profiles

By engineering online profiles, removing negative content when possible, promoting positives, and improving reviews, we improve how you look online by learning from similar profiles and developing yours to be as good or better. We create a new story to replace the old one.

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Overview: Pushing Down Search Results

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Read what our clients say about Reputation X services.

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Rosemary Plorin President, Lovell Communications

You will be glad to have Reputation X as a strategic partner.

Ralph Serrano President, Safe Harbor Capital

Reputation X has done an excellent job for our company. They deleted nearly all negative online content placed by a very active detractor and pushed down the rest.

Pamela Johnston President, Cloud 12

Really smart people. That’s why Reputation X is one of our most important partners.

Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Image

Merrill Lynch Sr. Executive

There is no doubt in my mind that Reputation X is the #1 company for online reputation management.

Brodie Tyler President, Revenue Jump

Not only is [Reputation X] a great company, and they provide great services, their people are also great! I would have no qualms about referring them to any of our clients.

Patrick L. Medical Professional

Reputation X was, in one word, a blessing.

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Included in Search Suppression Campaigns

An overview of how we push down negative search results in Google and other search engines.

Competitor Research

We compare your online profile to that of similar companies or brands.

Wikipedia editing package development

Gap Analysis

We develop a gap analysis and reputation marketing plan.

Content, Reviews, and Profiles

We improve and develop most aspects of the brands online profile to be better than the competition.

Notability Analysis

Promotion and SEO

We use search engine marketing and SEO to engineer search results.

Wikipedia Notability Analysis

Monitoring and Adjustment

Reputation marketing works to continuously improve and stay ahead of competitors.

FAQ’s: Push Down Negative Results

Here are the most frequent questions and answers about pushing bad search results down.

What does it cost to push down search results?

The cost to push down (bury) search results varies widely by level of difficulty. Most reputation repair campaigns range in cost between US $4,000 per month and US $8,000 per month. Campaign duration is six months on average. Note: Beware of low-cost campaigns as they can actually damage your reputation.

How long does a suppression campaign last?

Programs to push negative online content down in search results, and replace with positive results, usually last between four and ten months. There is usually no maintenance needed once the program is complete.

What kinds of search results can be pushed down?

Most search results in Google or Bing can be pushed down. Images can also be made far less visible. Some web content, such as Wikipedia or government websites are of such strength that suppression campaigns take longer, or may not be possible.

When content is suppressed, does it stay that way?

In the vast majority of cases negative search results remain far out of view for branded searches. Reputation X has had client results remain stable for over ten years.

Google 5 Stars Better Business Bureau - A+ rating Trustpilot 5 stars Glassdoor 5 Stars Clutch 5 Stars

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