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Reputation repair
for business

Remove search results, Suppress negatives


Reputation marketing
for business

Improve the online brand of a business


Wikipedia editing
for business

Your company or brand already has a page


Wikipedia creation
for business

Develop a new Wikipedia page for a business

Services for


Reputation repair
for people

Clean up the online profile for an individual


Personal branding
for people

Improve the online brand for an individual


Wikipedia editing
for people

Edit an existing Wikipedia page for an individual


Wikipedia creation
for people

Develop a new Wikipedia page for an individual


Online Reputation Services

When you change what people see, you change their minds.


An Overview of Online Reputation Services

Online presence offers many areas for enhancement of online profiles, such as:


Changing how AI displays brand information

ChatBots use info from places like LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and social media. We find and edit these sources. This changes the data AI uses. By doing this, we affect how AI, like large language models, show info about brands and people online.


Erasing negative content from Google

Bad content can hurt a person's or business's image. This might mean lost jobs or sales. Reputation X can ask to take down bad online content from Google and other sites using rules like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If we can't remove it, we make it less visible by showing good content. Sometimes, the bad content goes away.


Suppressing negative online content

There are many ways to manage online reputation. If we can't delete bad content, we show more of the good stuff. This makes the bad content harder to find. We use things like content creation, SEO, and social media to do this.


Protecting online reputation

We watch and take care of a person's or business's online image. Reputation X finds and deals with bad content. We also share good content. This helps keep a good online image. We can spot problems early with our monitoring service.


Improving Google Knowledge Panel

A Knowledge Panel is on the right of Google's search page. It gives fast info about a person or business. But where does it get the info? To make a Knowledge Panel better, we find and fix the sources of its info. Reputation X makes sure it shows the right and good info.


Writing Wikipedia articles for individuals or businesses

Wikipedia is popular and important for AI. A good Wikipedia page can help a lot. But it can be a problem if someone edits it in a bad way. Making or fixing a Wikipedia page needs following many rules. It's not easy, but we can do it.


Boosting ratings and reviews

Online ratings and comments can shape how people see a business. Good reviews can help a lot. We watch and reply to comments. We ask happy customers to leave good reviews. And we deal with bad reviews. At Reputation X, we have a great way to make reviews better, with a success of over 95%.


Amplifying online brand through reputation marketing

Reputation marketing shares the good things about a person or business. It can use social media, content, and more. It shows a good image and makes the brand better online. Reputation X is great at this.


Improving search engine ranking (SEO)

To be high on search engines, a website needs tweaks. This means using the right words, links, and more. These things make a site easy to find and bring more visitors. Reputation X can boost your online spot with SEO.


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