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Reputation X is an online marketing company specializing in brand reputation management. This means helping brands look better in every aspect of the online environment. This includes:

  • Monitoring brand mentions
  • Organic ranking of positive information
  • Business listings
  • Online reviews
  • Wikipedia page development and management
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online images
  • Video
  • More



Brand monitoring

Reputation X provides brand monitoring to measure brand sentiment, threats, and opportunities in search results. When negative search results are poised to become more visible due to a trending topic, news item, or social media backlash, we are there to alert stakeholders and make recommendations.

We serve as your eyes and ears on the web, making sure that you’re always aware of the conversation happening around your brand

Beyond monitoring, we take action

There are many companies that monitor reputation. What sets us apart is that we take action. We provide reputation protection campaigns for brands, content suppression or even removal of some types of online content, Wikipedia development and maintenance, executive brand building, and a host of other services dedicated to maintaining a positive identity for your brand online.

Decreasing visibility of negatives

Every company gets its fair, and often unfair share, of bad news. But in the online environment it's amplified. Reputation X decreases the visibility of negative content online about a brand - sometimes even to zero. 

Enhancing visibility of positives

Public relations is a funny thing. Just because you post it doesn't mean they'll come. We can massively amplify the visibility of positive press by engineering search results.

We make PR better

We can also work with the PR departments of brands to make the work they do shine. For example, when an important but possibly boring company announcement is made, Reputation X can boost its visibility so it actually gets traction in search. 

Clear, objective reporting 

traffic monitoring and reporting

No marketer is an island. We make it easy to share reputation and sentiment reporting data with stakeholders. Reports can be customized to include the data you want using various platforms. We're flexible. If we don't currently use the platform you prefer, we can get it. 

After ten years in the business, we know a thing or two about how to build a reputation management plan that works.



Every brand is different, and so is every campaign. But pricing for brand reputation management is flexible. Our campaigns range in cost from $5,000 to $15,000 per month. 


What services does Reputation X offer brands?

Reputation X specializes in brand reputation management. We work to help brands look better online, which includes a variety of techniques like monitoring brand mentions, ranking positive content, improving business listings and online reviews, Wikipedia page development and management, social media monitoring, and search engine optimization.

What is brand monitoring?

Brand monitoring measures your brand's sentiment, threats, and opportunities in search results. By monitoring your brand online, you are better prepared to handle negative search results if and when they appear.

How can I improve my brand's search results?

A reputation protection campaign can improve your brand's search results. Services like content suppression or removal, Wikipedia development and maintenance, executive brand building, and and more help to maintain a positive identity for your brand online.

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