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Free link matching service

This is an invitation-only link-building opportunity from Reputation X for people who attended our Webinar.

Provide your info below, and we will match you with others who've shown interest in an introduction for the purpose of helping each other promote their websites within your industry. 

Note: This page isn't available on Google, it's invitation only. Please do not share. 

Why this works

Links from people and businesses similar to yours are considered the gold standard of SEO. Each link to your website counts as a "vote" from another site, but links from sites in your industry are by far the best. But finding people to link to your site is difficult. This free one-time service is meant to make getting one or more quality links to your site easy. 


By filling out the form below, you'll be placed on a list. Our SEO experts will match you to one or more similar website managers. We'll email you with the contact information of others who've also signed up. When you get the email, it's up to you to reach out to the people on your list and ask (nicely) for a link. 

Remember, the people you will be introduced to also signed up for this, so they should be expecting your email. 

Summary of steps

  1. Fill out the form with your information.
  2. Await an email from Reputation X with the contact information of like-minded individuals who also signed up.
  3. Email each person on the provided list, asking them to write something about your brand on their site, and to link to one of the pages on your site. Be specific: provide the URL to the page you want promoted.
  4. When someone emails you, please promptly write something about their brand (person or business) and place it on a page of your site with a link to their website. Make sure they've provided their preferred URL.

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Is this Google-friendly?

Yes. It is Google friendly because you are choosing to write about another business or brand on your site. No one is being paid. You are not exchanging links. We're just connecting you with like-minded people, and you take it from there. 

Am I guaranteed links?

No. Nothing compels anyone to create links for anyone else. You'll probably get some links because most people are honest and generally nice. But there is no guarantee. It's up to the site manager.

How much should I write?

Write as much or as little as you like, but keep in mind that the more you write, the better it is for both you and the site you are linking to. 250 to 500 words is a good range. 

Google tends to rank sites with more content for more things, and often more highly, than for sites with little content. So writing content on your site is a good way to attract Google bots and improve your own site ranking. Therefore - writing more is better for you than writing less. 

Do I need to create an entire blog post?

No, you don't need to create an entire post or a new page on your site. But it would be nice. It's totally up to you. If you think that adding a reference (link) to someone in your existing website content makes sense then do that. 

What is an example of a blog post with a link in it?

Here is an example of a blog post that has at least one link to Empire Medical Training (EMT). The post is about 320 words, which is a bit short but acceptable. The link to the EMT site looks like this:


In this case, it is blue and sends the user to a specific page within the EMT website. The link tells Google that the EMT site is a good one if you want botox training - and probably helps the EMT site to be more visible in search results for a similar search phrase than it would otherwise have been. 

Should I use any special anchor text when I link?

Anchor text is important, and it would be a great thing if you added some descriptive anchor text other than just the brand name of the company or person whose site you are linking to. In the example above, the anchor text are the words "Complete Botox Training", but it could be anything that lets the reader know what to expect once they click the link.

Should their site link back to mine?

No. That's a "link exchange" and is frowned upon by Google. This isn't an "If I link to you, you link to me" situation. 

What if I link but no one links to me?

That's a tough break, but since this is totally voluntary, it might happen. 

What if I want to write about a brand but not link to their site?

That's not really in the spirit of what you're trying to accomplish here, but no one is stopping you. Remember karma though. 

Can I just tweet instead of writing something on my site and linking?

Yes, you can do pretty much anything you want - but tweeting, or any social media post, won't help the other person or company's SEO. Links have a greater impact. While tweets are nice, they aren't very effective for this purpose.  

Does Google really allow this?

Google is very specific about what you can and cannot do. Here is a link to the official Google page on link building. We've looked over the rules and don't believe voluntary editorial linking without payment is a violation. But don't take our word for it, read the guidelines.

Note: Reputation X isn't doing anything but matching like-minded individuals. :-) 

The form

Fill out the form below. We'll try to match you with one or more people who've also filled out the form. Click "Help me build my link profile" to submit. 

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