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Frequent Questions



How often do you schedule meetings with clients?
Reputation X holds live Zoom meetings on a monthly basis to discuss the overall project, milestones, accomplishments, and upcoming tasks.

What is the typical agenda for a meeting?
Each meeting starts with introductions as needed, followed by discussions on project objectives, milestones, a summary of recent progress, and a Q&A session.

Are meetings held in person or conducted online?
All meetings are conducted online via Zoom.

How can clients request additional meetings, and what are the associated costs?
Clients can request additional meetings by contacting their project manager. These meetings are billed at $200 per hour in half-hour increments. Keep in mind that while Zoom meetings are monthly, we provide more frequent email updates, so additional meetings are rarely required.

Client/Agency Communications

What are the primary communication channels used by the agency?
Due to its ubiquitous nature, we primarily use email to communicate with clients during our scheduled monthly meetings.

Who will be our main point of contact at the agency?
Your main point of contact will be your Project Manager, with Project Coordinators serving as secondary contacts. Your Account Representative will serve as a tertiary contact.

How quickly does the agency typically respond to client inquiries?
We aim to respond as quickly as possible, though some inquiries, such as those related to Wikipedia peer reviews, reporting, and content, may take a few days.

What is the escalation process for urgent issues?
For urgent issues, email your Project Manager directly and explain the urgency. We prioritize these responses accordingly.

Monthly Reporting

What types of reports can we expect to receive each month?
Clients receive monthly reports via email, which include a written summary of activities and progress made throughout the month.

Can the reports be customized based on specific client needs?
Yes, reports can be customized for a one-time fee of $1,000, with each subsequent custom report available for $100. Very specific requirements can often be met, though prices may differ as complex reporting requires more resources.

Will the reports include actionable insights and recommendations?
Absolutely. Our reports typically include actionable insights, ideas, recommendations, and other pertinent information to guide your campaign.

Project Management and Updates

How is project progress tracked and reported?
Progress on Wikipedia projects is tracked manually, including changes, Wikipedia editor activity, rollbacks, and other relevant details.

Reputation repair and improvement campaigns are monitored based on control over branded search results, sentiment, and positioning of target content.

Are there regular updates or only monthly reports?
In addition to monthly reports, the Project Management team may send ad hoc email reports as necessary. The timing of campaign segments varies according to many factors, such as the length of time required for approvals, third-party outreach, peer review turnaround times, and more. Therefore ad hoc reporting is not scheduled in advance.

How transparent is the agency regarding the strategies and tactics being used?
We maintain a high level of transparency. All strategies and tactics are approved by clients before they are implemented in campaigns.

Questions About Timing

General timelines first 90-days of repair campaigns

  • Month 1: Project setup, research, kickoff meeting, strategy, strategy meeting, initial content drafts, approvals of drafts for branded content, non-branded content, Wikipedia, and data source cleanup.
  • Month 2: Client approval of initial round of content, insertion of content into editorial calendars (publishing calendars differ significantly), third-party data source cleanup, removals begin(when possible).
  • Month 3: Changes generally begin to take place in month three. For example, search engines have begun to crawl content, understand semantic links between data, and crawl existing publications. We are also continuing with content development, updates, removals, and data cleanup.

How long does reputation repair take?
The time required can vary. Removing negative content might take a few weeks, while suppressing unfavorable search results can take three to ten or more months, depending on complexity. Review removal can occur within one to two weeks. The first month seems slow because many things are happening behind the scenes (see above).

How long does the removal of negative articles or blog posts take?
The removal process can take anywhere from one to eight weeks, depending on our ability to contact and negotiate with the content publisher.

How long does the removal of online reviews take?
It typically takes one to two weeks, depending on the responsiveness of the platform and whether the reviews violate the platform’s Terms of Service.

How long does it take to suppress web content?
Initial results can appear within eight weeks, but complete suppression might take six to twelve months.

How long does Wikipedia editing take?
Research, strategy, and content suggestions generally require approximately two weeks. Clients can then review work to date. Upon approval, the Wikipedia peer review team can take a few days to about a week to provide responses and recommendations. Once the peer review team has completed their work and the client has approved it, editors usually respond to the first edit within about a week. Other edits follow organically.

What is the difference between representative/branded content and non-representative/non-branded content?
Branded content is created by or for your brand and directly represents it. Non-branded content, while not directly about your brand, supports your industry and contributes to overall reputation through SEO and brand mentions.

Cost Related Questions

Why does reputation repair cost what it does?
Effective reputation management requires a team of specialists, including a brand reputation strategist, project manager, SEO expert, content manager, researcher, outreach personnel, web developer, and various software platforms. These resources ensure a comprehensive approach to improving your online reputation.

Wikipedia Questions

Does Reputation X edit Wikipedia pages?
No, Reputation X does not directly edit Wikipedia pages. We focus on research, crafting recommendations, and fostering relationships with the community to improve the accuracy and quality of information.

Questions About Technique

What techniques are used in reputation management?
Our strategies may include content removal, review improvement, content development, influencer engagement, web development, and more, tailored to the specifics of your situation.

What happens during the strategy phase?
We analyze your brand’s current online presence, identify opportunities for enhancement, and develop a detailed plan that outlines each strategic step. This plan has been presented for client approval and has been adjusted as necessary.

How does Reputation X choose content targets to promote?
We select sites based on several factors, including search position, content quality, and domain authority. We aim to promote sites that portray your brand positively and meet our high standards for influence and reliability.

How is negotiation used in reputation management?
Negotiation with content creators or publishers is used selectively and carefully, often involving NDAs and focused discussions to achieve content removal or modification without escalating the situation.

How is the Google Knowledge Panel improved?
We enhance the data sources that feed into your Google Knowledge Panel to better control and improve how your brand is represented in search results. This includes editing databases, profiles, Wiki’s, social profiles, and other data sources used as the basis for Knowledge Panels.

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