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Wikipedia Resources

Wikipedia Editor Guidelines

As part of Reputation X’s ongoing efforts to ensure the accuracy and integrity of information available on Wikipedia, we recognize the importance of making well-informed edits that adhere to Wikipedia’s content guidelines and ethical standards. We appreciate your interest in contributing to the enhancement of Wikipedia articles related to our clients. The Editing Package offered by Reputation X provides comprehensive tools and resources to assist in making informed and accurate edits, including detailed editing history and links to vetted quality references. It is crucial that editors acknowledge Wikipedia’s policies on conflict of interest and paid editing, ensuring transparency and reliability in contributions.

Wikipedia Editor Guidelines

The Development of Alternative Wiki-type Sites for Clients

The Alternative Wiki Development Service is tailored for brands seeking enhanced online visibility. Ideal for those not yet eligible for a Wikipedia page or seeking a more controlled narrative, this service develops Wiki articles on alternative platforms for better search engine visibility. The process, costing $4,000, is expedited and includes research, drafting, peer review, and publication, completed within 60 days. This service offers a strategic approach to build or improve a brand’s digital footprint beyond, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Alternatives to Wikipedia

A Timeline for Campaigns That Edit or Write Wikipedia Articles

Reputation X employs a meticulous monthly process to enhance Wikipedia pages, prioritizing compliance with Wikipedia’s guidelines and reducing the likelihood of edit rollbacks. The campaign begins with project management and setting up monitoring, followed by a peer review of proposed changes. Over the subsequent months, edits range from non-controversial to more significant updates, with the process potentially extending beyond five months for the most impactful edits. Throughout, editors are encouraged to be subject matter experts, ensuring edits contribute positively to Wikipedia’s quality and reliability.

Wikipedia Campaign Timeline

Reputation X Home / Resources / Wikipedia Resources

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