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Wikipedia Page Development

Information and costs about editing or developing a Wikipedia page

Experienced Wikipedia page editing and creation services since 2005

Wikipedia editing or creation services include:

  • Wikipedia page creation
  • Edit Wikipedia pages for neutrality
  • Improve Wikipedia articles
  • Flag questionable or biased content

New Wikipedia page creation

Not everyone can earn a Wikipedia page, and that's a good thing. But when a Wikipedia page deserves creation, we can help.

The subject must be notable and well referenced. If it's not, the process can take more time. Why? Because a page created without proper notability and references will be deleted. The Wikipedia pages we create are almost never deleted because we don't create pages that do not improve Wikipedia as a whole. 

Wikipedia article editing

Wikipedia is essentially the wild wild west. There are few "police", but many who pretend to be. Reputation X can often edit Wikipedia pages that are "thin", have inaccurate information, have been defaced, have been used as tools of propaganda, or are otherwise in need of improvement. 


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Why use a professional Wikipedia editor?

Anyone can create a Wikipedia page at no cost. The problem is that many of these pages are taken down by Wikipedia editors and is called "article deletion". When a Wikipedia page is taken down it becomes very difficult to put it back up again. 

The main reason Wikipedia pages are deleted is due to a lack of notability, although there are other reasons as well. 

What if my brand isn't notable enough?

A brand (person, product, company, idea, etc. ) that is not notable enough cannot, in most cases, earn a Wikipedia article. But a brand that is almost notable enough generally can if some work is performed in advance to close the "notability gap". Reputation X helps brands that are already notable enough, or almost so, to get a Wikipedia page.  

Notability development

It is extremely important that Wikipedia pages, especially new ones, have notable references. Without these notable references, the page will simply be removed by editors. If a brand (person, company, product, service) seems they have a high probability of passing through the gauntlet that is Wikipedia, we will engage a program to enhance mentions and references in order to get them over the finish line. Only then will we work with Wikipedia editors to have a page developed.

world map for wikipedia localization

International Wikipedia pages

Wikipedia is currently available in over 300 languages. Reputation X can help develop articles in most major languages. Reputation X helps brands attain a Wikipedia page in English or other languages.


Wikipedia article development process

Below is a diagram illustrating the Wikipedia page development process. 

Wikipedia page development process

Repair Wikipedia by improving it

There are many ways to improve a Wikipedia page. Here are a few:

  • Correct factual errors on a Wikipedia page
  • Improve the "voice" of the page by improving its neutrality
  • Update outdated facts
  • Add an Infobox, or add relevant information to an existing one
  • Question the notability or citations of questionable or inaccurate content

Changes made naturally

Many new Wikipedia editors make the mistake of changing a Wikipedia page all at once and are frustrated when a Wikipedia editor rolls back all of their changes. The best way to repair a problematic or even a vandalized Wikipedia article is to make changes carefully and slowly while following most Wikipedia guidelines.

Why "most" guidelines?

In a perfect world quality edits to a Wikipedia article would all be accepted by the community. Unfortunately, Wikipedia is a rather lawless place. For example, Wikipedia asks that editors who are paid contributors post this clearly for others to see. This works very well in many cases. But there are a number of editors that actively search out editors who have disclosed paid contributions and roll back their changes to matter how high the level of quality.

Controversial pages

Paid Wikipedia editors trying to neutralize the tone of certain pages deal with special challenges.

Detractors of certain brands or ideas written about on Wikipedia are often undisclosed paid Wikipedia editors. They do not disclose the fact that they have been paid to change the tone of a page in a negative way. This is a common practice for political content. These undisclosed actors are also in the business of rolling back corrections or improvements to their work.

When someone who is also paid to solve the problem reveals the fact that they were paid their edits are often more likely to be rolled back. To disclose, or not disclose, is a question best answered on a case by case basis. 

Use of notable publication sources

When editing a Wikipedia article it is extremely important to make references to notable source publications. What is a notable publication? One way to tell is if the publication in question has its own Wikipedia page.

For example, the New York Times has its own Wikipedia page. But a one-man conspiracy theory website probably doesn't (or shouldn't). 

Wikipedia editors with significant credibility

Wikipedia editors have a sort of pecking order. Editors that have made a lot of edits that have not been rolled back or deleted by other editors are important to use. These are editors with verified accounts rather than anonymous IP addresses, that have not been flagged often (or at all) by other users, and that perform edits without flagrant violation of Wikipedia rules. 

Subject matter expertise

When repairing a Wikipedia article it is important that those making the edits have knowledge of the subject of the article. Other Wikipedia authors will check to see if edits have been made by someone with that knowledge. They take a look at the authors edit history to understand whether the author has subject matter expertise. 

If an author has made recent changes to other pages in a similar category, and those changes have not been deleted, it helps build the case for subject matter expertise. This is why making changes to one Wikipedia article isn't a "one and done" activity. Changes to other similar pages should be made before and after the main edit for this reason. 

Slow and steady wins the race

Most clients want instant change to Wikipedia. Sometimes they jump in and do it themselves. Most of the time these changes are deleted. Sometimes the entire Wikipedia page is deleted. 

We've found that a slow, steady approach works best while keeping in mind that the Wikipedia article needs to improve for users, rather than just change to meet a clients' needs.  




The first step of Wikipedia reputation management is to develop an effective monitoring mechanism to identify any negative or unwanted content. Every day, thousands of new articles are added to Wikipedia, and countless edits are made to existing Wikipedia content.

Without automating this process under the supervision of a dedicated team, it’s almost impossible to detect negative or unwanted content.

Want to learn more? Call us at 1-800-889-4812.


Why our edits "stick"

Reputation X doesn't have in-house Wikipedia editors because doing so would reduce our effectiveness. Instead, we work with subject-matter experts to generate the notability and references needed to build or improve a Wikipedia page. We only perform work that improves Wikipedia. 

Only once the proper references and notability are in place to we consider asking members of the Wikipedia community to lend a hand. If various experienced editors don't believe a page is worthy of inclusion, we don't build or edit the page. 

That's the reason Wikipedia pages we help create or edit tend to "stick" - because they deserve to be on Wikipedia and make the world's largest encyclopedia better. 


Wikipedia page prices

Wikipedia page creation - Notable brand: $5,000 and up
Wikipedia page creation - Almost notable: $5,000 and up / mo. for a limited number of months
Wikipedia page creation - Non-notable: NA
Non-English Wikipedia page: Inquire


Note: Reputation X is not affiliated with Wikipedia. 

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