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Services include:

  • Wikipedia page creation
  • Curate existing pages for neutrality
  • Expertly edit Wikipedia pages
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Not everyone can earn a Wikipedia page, and that's a good thing. But when a Wikipedia page makes sense, we can help. 

With more than five million articles and about nine billion page views per month, Wikipedia is one of the biggest and most frequently visited websites in the world. It ranks on the first page of Google search for most keywords.

It’s a crowdsourced online encyclopedia where anyone from anywhere in the world can add new information or edit existing articles. When building a Wikipedia page, every piece of information needs to be backed by an authentic and reliable source.

Note: Reputation X is not affiliated with Wikipedia. 


Wikipedia Creation Services

Create Expert Wikipedia Pages

Since Wikipedia pages require reliable sources, we help develop them. Only notable companies and people can usually get a Wikipedia page. But if the subject is worthy of one (or sometimes almost worthy enough), we can often help. 

Notability development

It is extremely important that Wikipedia pages, especially new ones, have notable references. Without them the page will simply be removed by editors. If a brand (person, company, product, service) seems they have a high probability of passing through the gauntlet that is Wikipedia, we will engage a program to enhance mentions and references in order to get them over the finish line. Only then will we work with Wikipedia editors to have a page developed.

We don't develop Wikipedia pages directly, but we can help you earn one by building notability and alerting editors that your page is worthy of inclusion.


Fix Wikipedia Problems

Since Wikipedia usually ranks on the first page of Google search, a negative Wikipedia article about a brand immediately puts it at reputation risk. Because of the posting guidelines of Wikipedia, it’s difficult to get pages or articles deleted. So the only natural way to counter negative articles is by editing them and offering a counter narrative that is backed by reliable information sources. We can help with this, too. Wikipedia editors change the pages, we sow the seeds to help that happen ethically. 


Monitor Wikipedia Pages

The first step of Wikipedia reputation management is to develop an effective monitoring mechanism to identify any negative or unwanted content. Every day, thousands of new articles are added to Wikipedia, and countless edits are made to existing Wikipedia content.

Without automating this process under the supervision of a dedicated team, it’s almost impossible to detect negative or unwanted content.

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