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Wikipedia Editing Services

Information and costs for editing or developing a Wikipedia page.

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Expert Wikipedia page editing and creation services since 2005

Whether you need a Wikipedia page created, edited or defended, Reputation X can help. We've been carefully and thoughtfully improving Wikipedia for well over a decade. 

Wikipedia article creation and editing services

Wikipedia editing or creation services include:

Service: Edit an existing Wikipedia page

If your brand has a Wikipedia page that needs improvement, Reputation X can help:

  • Improve page neutrality (NPOV)
  • Remove alert boxes (templates) after correction
  • Restructure a Wikipedia article for clarity
  • Add or improve sections
  • Correct inaccurate information
  • Enhance your info box (upper right corner)
  • Add images
  • Improve WikiData entry

Service: Create a new Wikipedia page

Reputation X can create a new Wikipedia page if the subject meets Wikipedia guidelines including notability. If a subject does not meet the guidelines we can often help close the gap:

  • Build notability before page creation
  • New Wikipedia page development
  • Pages are peer-reviewed by Wikipedians before publication
  • Publication of new pages
  • Cross-referencing from other relevant pages
  • WikiData enhancement
  • Page defense

Why use Reputation X for Wikipedia?

Anyone can edit or create a Wikipedia page. Articles online make it seem easy, but it isn't. We've been helping companies and people with Wikipedia for over a decade.  

  • Our campaigns focus on quality work
  • We research existing and new references for accuracy
  • We're sticklers for notability and can improve if it is lacking
  • Content is quality-reviewed by editors before publication
  • We don't make edits unless they are defensible
  • Our edits make Wikipedia better

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Experienced Wikipedia editors

Many Wikipedia editors we work with perform the edits free of charge. They want to make Wikipedia better. 

Wikipedia editors have a sort of pecking order. Editors that have made many edits that have been accepted are the best kind. These are editors with verified accounts rather than anonymous IP addresses. They have not been flagged often (or at all) by other users. They are sincerely interested in improving Wikipedia.

Every Wikipedia editor we work with is only asked to make edits they'd feel comfortable disclosing - whether they choose to or not.  

Subject matter expertise

When repairing a Wikipedia article it's important to show knowledge of the subject. Why? Because editors check to see if edits were made by a qualified person. How do they know? They look at the authors edit history.

We edit at the right pace

Edit too fast and the work will be rolled back. Every article has its own pace, and that pace is seen in the edit history. Similar pages can also shed light on the right pace. No matter how beneficial the changes are, if they're hurried it can result in disaster. 

We've found that a slow, steady approach works best. We keep in mind that the Wikipedia article needs to improve for everyone - not just the client. 

Monitoring articles for changes

We watch Wikipedia pages for changes. When a significant change has been made, we alert the client. Without monitoring, it’s almost impossible to detect negative or unwanted content.

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Why our edits "stick"

  • Reputation X doesn't use in-house Wikipedia editors. Doing so would reduce our effectiveness. 
  • We work with subject-matter experts to build or improve a Wikipedia page. 
  • We only perform work that improves Wikipedia. 
  • We only publish when notability guidelines have been met.

Once proper references and notability exist we ask members of the Wikipedia community to review them. If various experienced editors don't believe a page is worthy of inclusion, we don't build or edit the page.  

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The Wikipedia editing process

Wikipedia page development process


Frequently asked questions about Wikipedia editing

Why use a professional Wikipedia editor?

Anyone can create a Wikipedia page at no cost. The problem is that many of these pages are removed. When a Wikipedia page is taken down it becomes very difficult to put it back up again. 

What if my brand isn't notable enough?

A brand that is not notable enough cannot, in most cases, earn a Wikipedia article. But a brand that is almost notable enough often can if some work is performed in advance to close the "notability gap." Reputation X helps brands that are already notable enough, or almost so, to get a Wikipedia page.  

Notability development

It is important that Wikipedia pages, especially new ones, have notable references. Without these notable references, the page will be removed by other editors. If a brand seems to have a high chance of surviving the Wikipedia gauntlet we'll start a program to improve mentions and references. We often work with PR agencies to do so. 

Do we edit non-English Wikipedia pages?

world map for wikipedia localization

Yes. Wikipedia is currently available in over 300 languages. Reputation X can help develop articles in most major languages. Reputation X helps brands get a Wikipedia page in English or other languages.

Do some Wikipedia editors have an agenda?

Yes. Wikipedia editors have political views like everyone else. Their views often leak into their edits. This is especially true for Wikipedia pages that touch on controversial issues. Editing guidelines urge neutrality, but it's difficult to police. Misrepresentation or cherry-picking references is a big problem. Reputation X takes the time to research, then makes neutrality corrections if warranted. 

Are controversial Wikipedia pages are more challenging?

Yes. Brands with environmental, political, religious, or gender-based issues attract - shall we say "less neutral editors." Most are regular editors passionate about the subject. But sometimes detractors of brands are paid Wikipedia editors. These might be activists, competitors, or political rivals. 

They don't disclose that they're paid to change the tone of a page in a negative way. Why would they? This is a common practice for controversial content. These undisclosed actors roll back corrections or improvements to their work.

What issues are most controversial?

The following subjects tend to polarize Wikipedia editors. This makes the subjects more challenging because of editor neutrality issues. If your brand touches on these or other subjects the need for care increases:

  • Environmental issues
  • Technology
  • Religion
  • Law and order
  • Gender-related

Should paid edits be disclosed?

Editors who're paid to improve a Wikipedia page are also asked to disclose. But when "good" paid editors reveal themselves, their edits are often rolled back. This removes the incentive to disclose. To disclose, or not disclose, is a question best answered on a case by case basis. Editors decide whether to disclose or not. 

What is a notable Wikipedia reference?

It's important to reference notable source publications. What is a notable publication? One way to tell is if the publication in question has its own Wikipedia page.

For example, the New York Times has its own Wikipedia page. But a one-man conspiracy theory website usually doesn't (or shouldn't). Wikipedia edits that are made using weak references will often be taken down

"Most" guidelines?

In a perfect world high-quality edits would be accepted by the community every time. Unfortunately, Wikipedia is a rather lawless place. For example: Wikipedia wants paid contributors to state they're paid. But there are many editors who will roll back paid contributions no matter how beneficial. The decision to disclose or not is the editors' and clients' choice.

Wikipedia page creation and editing prices

Wikipedia editing - Notable brand: $5,000 and up / mo. for a limited number of months
Wikipedia page editing - Almost notable: $7,500 and up / mo. for a limited number of months*
Non-English Wikipedia page: $10,000 and up / mo. for a limited number of months
Wikipedia page creation - Notable brand: $7,500 and up / mo. for a limited number of months
Wikipedia page creation - Almost notable: $10,000 and up / mo. for a limited number of months*
Wikipedia page creation - Non-notable: We cannot create Wikipedia pages for brands without notability* Gaining notability may incur additional costs for PR outreach

* Notability development may cost more due to PR outreach program.

Frequent questions about Wikipedia editing

Does Reputation X write Wikipedia articles?

We cause Wikipedia articles to be written if the subject is notable enough for a Wikipedia page to be accepted by the Wikipedia community. Notability relies on “significant coverage”.

According to Wikipedia: "Significant coverage" addresses the topic directly and in detail. Significant coverage is more than a trivial mention, but it does not need to be the main topic of the source material.” This significant coverage is used as references to prove the notability of the subject. If a subject is not notable enough, the page is deleted. 

Recommended reading: Are you notable enough?

Does Reputation X edit Wikipedia articles?

If you already have a Wikipedia article it can usually be edited. When a Wikipedia page cannot be edited it is usually because the page is heavily monitored by detractors or Wikipedians, or protected in some way that makes it inadvisable to attempt edits at the present time. 

Our Wikipedia editing process is unique. We first create the “ideal” version of the page offline with your input. We then pull together a small group of high-level Wikipedia contributors to perform a peer-review of the ideal version of the page. The editors will make recommendations as to what is or is not possible.

This edited draft version is then presented to you. Upon acceptance we the page is edited, but it's edited slowly, over time, and often using different editors who are experts in the subject matter. 

Does Reputation X pay Wikipedia editors?

When we cause a Wikipedia page to be edited we always make it better. Better organized, with better resources, and more balanced. These are the same goals any good Wikipedia editor would have.

We try to edit draft pages (which are then peer reviewed by editors paid only for their opinion) in a way that will encourage Wikipedia editors to make the changes at no charge. But Wikipedia is the wild west.

There is a danger of Wikipedia editor accounts being suspended even for edits that make Wikipedia better whether they are paid or unpaid. To offset this risk, some Editors sometimes wish to be compensated. 

The Wikipedia editors we work with have the right to refuse any edits they do not feel will make the article better. This insures they stand behind any edits they choose to make. 

Can I get a Wikipedia article for myself or my company?

Wikipedia frowns on people or companies creating their own pages. These articles are almost always deleted immediately. Deletion makes it much harder to get a page created in the future.

But if the subject is notable enough, third-parties can create the page. That's the whole point of Wikipedia. Notability is the key though. No Wikipedia article survives for long if it is not actually worthy of inclusion. 

This article on real-world Wikipedia editing is a must read.

How do I know if enough notability exists?

It is difficult to tell if enough notability exists to get a Wikipedia article published. The rule of thumb we use at Reputation X is a minimum of ten notable third-party articles about the subject. Press releases don’t count. Neither does the company or personal website, or mere mentions in third-party articles, or social media accounts.

Another rule of thumb is that the publications writing about the subject, and used as references, have their own Wikipedia page already. 

Here is an article on Wikipedia notoriety factors

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Note: Reputation X is not affiliated with Wikipedia.