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Reputation management services overview

When you change what people see, you change their minds.


People today make decisions about a brand (person, company, etc.) based on what they see through a screen. To influence what people see, we change the data sources that drive search engines.

  • Knowledge Graphs are databases that provide information used in search results. 
  • Knowledge Graphs map relationships between different entities, such as people, places, and things. They are a big part of how AI drives modern search.
  • The Knowledge Graph maps relationships between entities by analyzing vast amounts of data from various sources, such as Wikipedia, databases, websites, and Google Maps. 
  • It uses semantic search technology to understand the context and meaning of words and then connects them to other related entities to create a web of knowledge.
  • When changing search results, we are actually changing the way search engines display information.
  • To change how search engines display information, we change the information at the source.

An Overview of Reputation Management Services

Online presence offers many areas for enhancement of online profiles, such as:

Changing how Bard and Open AI display brand information

ChatBots derive their information from many data sources. We research and map those sources; then, we edit them. We also introduce new sources of information and engineer their relevance. By changing data sources we change how large language models (LLM) and other forms of AI display information about brands and people.

Expunging negative content from Google

Negative content can tarnish an individual's or business's image, resulting in lost opportunities (jobs, sales, votes). Reputation X can legally request the removal of negative online content from Google search results, review sites, or other publishers that fall under the purview of legislation like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If content cannot be removed, we can mitigate its impact by promoting positive, relevant, and authoritative content that pushes negative content lower in search results. Negative content may even completely disappear from search results.

Suppressing negative online content

When it's not possible to totally eliminate negative content, we work to highlight positive, relevant, and authoritative information about the brand, making it more visible than the negative content. When people have to scroll to find it, it may as well be invisible. Engineered content, SEO, social media marketing, and other digital marketing strategies, are used to achieve this end.

Protecting online reputation

Online reputation management entails monitoring and upkeep of an individual's or business's digital image. Reputation X specializes in identifying and tackling negative content and publishing positive content, to protect your online reputation. Our reputation monitoring service enables us to catch bad news early.

Improving Google Knowledge Panel

A Knowledge Panel, found on the right side of Google desktop search results, offers quick and effortless access to information about a person or business. But this information must come from somewhere. Enhancing a Knowledge Panel requires the identification of content sources, optimization of content and data within the panel, and ensuring it accurately reflects the individual or business and also projects a positive image. At Reputation X, we pinpoint where specific information originates and then work to either edit the source information or assist the Knowledge Panel in finding better information elsewhere.

Writing Wikipedia articles for individuals or businesses

Not only does Wikipedia rank well, but it is also a major source of AI-derived information. A well-curated Wikipedia article can serve as a valuable resource for an individual or business. It can also be a nightmare if a powerful editor has a bone to pick. Crafting or editing Wikipedia articles can be a complex task requiring compliance with stringent guidelines and navigation within an intricate and ever-changing Wikipedia editing environment. 

Boosting ratings and reviews

Online ratings and reviews significantly influence a business's image. In some cases, it can make or break a business. Enhancing reviews and ratings involves monitoring and responding to feedback, urging satisfied customers to share positive reviews, and tactfully addressing negative reviews (or simply overwhelming them with true, positive reviews). Reputation X employs either gated or non-gated strategies to uplift reviews and ratings, boasting a success rate exceeding 95%.

Amplifying online brand through reputation marketing

Reputation marketing promotes an individual's or business's positive reputation through pertinent marketing channels. This could include social media marketing, content marketing, and other digital marketing strategies to promote a positive image and enhance the online brand. Reputation X provides excellence in reputation marketing services.

Improving search engine ranking (SEO)

Improving search engine rankings involves optimizing the website and content to make them search-engine friendly. This includes activities like keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and other SEO tactics to boost search engine ranking and attract more traffic. Reputation X can assist your business in enhancing its online visibility through SEO.


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