Overview of Online Reputation Services


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What are ORM services?

Online reputation management (ORM) services seek to influence or control how a brand, company, or person is seen online. ORM services focus on how people see brand names online. In this respect, ORM is different than search engine optimization (SEO) as the latter focuses mostly, but not exclusively, on problem/solution type online queries. ORM encompasses a number of sub-disciplines that often include:

  • ORM strategy
  • Influencer marketing
  • Online public relations
  • Social media messaging
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online review management
  • Content strategy and development
  • Removal of information from the web
  • Promotion of positive branded messages
  • Changing information shown by search engines
  • Search and social media monitoring for brand mentions

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Reputation repair

The most popular form of online reputation services is reputation repair. Reconstruction of a damaged online presence can take many forms and can include correcting the content of a Wikipedia page, removal of content from search results, removal of information from Google, managing online reviews, or negotiating with bloggers. The objective is always the same - to fix a problem with the way a brand is perceived online. 

Online review management

Customer reviews are important to the success of many businesses, especially local ones. Review management services seek to remove negative feedback that violates the terms of service of the review platform or the law. It also works to increase the number an quality of positive testimonials and star-ratings through ethical means. Review improvement usually entails the use of customer lists either as a CSV (Excel) file or through a web-based API, to first separate probable positive reviewers from negative ones. It then makes it easy for probable positive reviewers to leave comments on select websites. Customers with a high likelihood of leaving less than favorable feedback are connected with a customer service representative.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tool used by online reputation management companies to influence the visibility of certain content in organic (unpaid) search results. Whereas most SEO services are concerned with increasing the volume of qualified prospective customers, SEO in ORM is used to improve the online presence of branded content. Positive branded content that can be influenced by SEO includes articles, images, social media profiles, video, or blogs. 

SEO is comprised of two parts: on-page and off-page. On-page tactics improve the content, information architecture, page speed, and other attributes of a web page or site. Off-page tactics involve the planning and development of quality topical content, links, and brand mentions on third-party web sites. The combination of the two helps search engines find and show branded search results more prominently in results. 

Corporate reputation

Corporate online reputation is a subset of ORM dealing specifically with medium to large-scale organizations. It often improves and maintains multiple locations in a country or in multiple countries around the world. Corporate reputation services often include Wikipedia monitoring, search localization, multiple brand reputation improvement, promotion of content reflecting the corporate message, and other disciplines. 

Reputation building

When a brand is new, has a weak online presence, or nothing negative, brand reputation building services can be considered. Reputation development for brands involves competitive research of similar entities to understand what people and search engines expect in a stellar online profile. A web and social media development plan is followed by a the design and execution of content strategy intended to raise the visibility of the brand in search and social media. Services can include review management and improvement, Wikipedia page development, social profile development, search engine optimization (SEO), and other ORM services. 

International reputation

Large or regional companies often require localized ORM. International services encompass many of the traits of a normal ORM strategy, but with a regional flavor. Examples include the development and maintenance of Wikipedia pages in multiple languages, promotion of positive content in a specific region, and international SEO.

How long does ORM take?

The chart below illustrates approximate time to success for various reputation services. Direct removal of content from a site can take very little time, often only a week. More complex removals can take more time due to additional processes involved. The most time and resource consuming part of reputation management is reputation repair because so many different techniques are used, some of them taking longer than others. For example, SEO for organic search results takes months.

How long does online reputation management take?

Why choose Reputation X

We approach ORM services in a more strategic way than most reputation management companies. Since each campaign is custom crafted for each unique circumstance, each strategy must be individualized as well. Some campaigns demand an aggressive response, while others benefit from a more nuanced, even delicate, approach. Either way, the result is an improved online presence.

We look deeper

Reputation X examines each client's particular attributes and the online environment for their industry. We take a hard look at competitors, comparable brands, or similar individuals in order to better visualize what people and search engines really want to see in branded search results. A suite of online reputation management tools used to complement highly experienced reputation management consultants.

The difference between reputation companies

Whether you’ve worked with an online reputation management firm before or not, it’s important to know that online reputation management services are not all the same. Unfortunately, you won’t really know what you’re getting with many firms until well into the engagement, since most of the ORM process happens “behind-the-scenes”.

In reality, many ORM services are simply ineffective, because they don’t do the most resource intensive (but most effective) parts of the ORM process. It’s much more profitable to build a collection of websites to disseminate computer generated content than it is to reach out to influencers and publications for a feature or a backlink.

No ORM packages

We don’t work from a templated strategy and why we have real human beings executing and overseeing every single campaign we work on - a custom solution that thoughtfully addresses your brand’s specific search results and reviews is going to give you the best value for your money and the best ROI.

We’re transparent with every company and individual we work with throughout the entirety of each project - we want you to know what we’re doing and why.

In depth reputation management strategy

The most important aspect of ORM is the reputation management strategy a campaign grows from. Aspects of our strategies include:

What to expect when you work with us

  • Strategic and ethical reputation management services that drive revenue

  • Quality content written by real writers in the region in which your business operates

  • Real, organic search engine optimization and publisher outreach

  • Human oversight to software automation and monitoring

  • Control over your messaging and branding

  • Confidentiality and discretion

  • Transparency and clarity

  • Results that can last long after the campaign is over

Online Reputation Management Services

Reputation management services to improve online reviews, remove online content, build brand reputation, and more. Prices start at $3,000 per month.



Reputation, review, and SEO service prices are shown here, details as to how various ORM-related costs have been calculated can be found here.