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Sentiment analysis uses natural language processing (NLP) to identify and quantify the sentiment of text, video, or images at scale. It is most commonly used to quickly and efficiently identify negative reviews or articles online.

At Reputation X, we put over a decade of online brand management experience into every strategy we develop. Part of our industry know-how includes a keen mastery of the tools that can aid our clients in building, improving, and maintaining their positive online reputations.

The tools we use serve a variety of different functions, all with the express purpose of helping us do more work and do better work. New tools are always being developed, but the majority of the tools used for reputation research can be broken down into a few distinct categories. Here are some of our go-tos.

What is sentiment analysis?


This encompasses monitoring web page and social media mentions, as well as search listings. Tracking these mentions allow us to perform detailed sentiment analyses, identifying and categorizing the general attitude toward you or your brand.

  • Social Mention: This site captures all the social buzz about a name or keyword and aggregates it in one place. We can find out who’s talking about you, where they’re doing it, and even which keywords they’re associating with you.
  • If This, Then That: IFTT allows us to write “recipes” on the web. For example, we can set it up so that if your name comes up on a certain website’s RSS feed, then we get a notification. From Wikipedia to Facebook, we’ll never miss a mention.

Rank Tracking


Some tools show us why certain sites rank better than others for a given search term. Comparing your search terms against your competitors shows us where we can improve. We can also use these tools to gauge how challenging a project will be and what efforts will have the highest probability of success.

Location Services


These tools allow us to think internationally, telling us what countries might be the best to target our search engine promotion efforts, what languages we should develop for, and where content could be hosted.

  • Alterian: From management to analytics, this tool tells us exactly how you stand in the global markets. We can track mentions in different countries and different languages, so we know where we need to be focusing efforts.
  • Google Alerts: Web pages and social media sites that are mainstays in the U.S. may be irrelevant in other countries. By tracking all mentions across all websites in Google’s listings, we avoid missing key information.


Every strategy we develop encompasses a variety of tools specifically chosen to help us get the job done well. They’re our partners in data so that we can be your partner in reputation management.

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