How reputation management campaign resources are allocated

Every online reputation campaign is different. The table below illustrates a typical resource allocation between startup, the first month, and an average month.

Please note that this is an approximation and that your campaign will certainly be different. Every campaign is custom. 


Step Action Startup First Month Avg. Month

Campaign setup

  Project initialization 5%    
  Client questionnaire (CQ) 5%    
  Internal kickoff meeting 10%    
  External kickoff meeting 5%    
  Asset organization 5%    
  Monitoring and tracking 1%    


  Competitive research 5%    
  SEO research 10%    
  Technical research 10%    
  Publisher research 10%    


  Owned web property strategy 5%    
  Earned web property strategy 10%   5%
  Promotion strategy 10%    
  Knowledge Panel strategy 2%    
  Listings strategy 2%    
  Wikipedia strategy 5%    


  Content planning   10%  
  Content development   30% 15%
  Content outreach   0% 15%
  Content promotion   13% 10%
  Database updates   5%  
  Wikipedia content   5%  


  Website development   20%  
  Profile development     10%
  Social media development     5%
  Schema development   2%  
  Wikipedia development     10%


  SEO     20%
  Listings management   10%  
  Outreach     10%
  Social recommendations   5%  


As you can see in the chart above, online reputation management phases consist of setup, research, strategy, content, development, and promotion. Overlaying those phases are administrative activities like project management, quality control, and certain specializations like SEO, SEM, etc.  

The allocations listed above are for a typical, somewhat simple, suppression campaign for a company with the notability to earn a Wikipedia page. But if the project calls for development and promotion in a language other than English, or includes review and rating management, negotiation for the removal of online content, heavy SEO, or other specific activities, the allocation would be different than the sample above.