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Celebrity Reputation Management

We work quietly behind the scenes to change how well-known people are perceived online. We leave the direct public-facing side of publicity and public relations to others and instead engineer the medium through which publishers operate online.

There are many types and levels of celebrity, including executives, actors, musicians, radio personalities, podcasters, and more. Some are niche celebrities, and others are known worldwide. Each celebrity’s reputation must be curated uniquely.

For people in the public eye, being at the mercy of the Internet – where every step out the door can be a headline – means it takes extra care and vigilance to keep a good image intact.

Celebrity services we provide

Thanks to an ever-increasing array of gossip sites, social media platforms, and media publications, all are hungry for provocative (but not necessarily honest) stories. Reputation X works quietly, behind the scenes, to craft online profiles in a way that doesn’t seem forced.

In fact, our work is invisible to most people – they only see the results.

Wikipedia monitoring

Reputation X watches social media for problems with negative sentiment. Our reputation management tools “listen” to most major social media channels and alert us to possible problems.

Wikipedia editing

Wikipedia is a breeding ground for propaganda. All that is needed is for a “reliable” source to post something inaccurate. The fact that it’s mentioned on a trusted platform is generally all that’s needed for fact-free content to appear on celebrity Wikipedia pages. When this happens, our team analyzes the situation, researches the authorship of both the page and the reference article, and then charts a course to correct the page. Correcting celebrity Wikipedia pages can be challenging if not handled carefully. The right reference material, editors, and support editors are needed to manage Wikipedia articles successfully.

Repair of celebrity search results

Reputation X fixes celebrity search results. Free speech laws protect most negative content posted about a celebrity, and most writers will not remove something they’ve written. Worse, editors will often publish the fact that a well-known person has asked for a retraction. Unfortunately, many entertainment journalists and bloggers would sell their mothers for a few thousand clicks because clicks drive revenue. The best course of action is often to push positive content about the person to higher visibility while weakening the negative content. Doing so can effectively “reshuffle” search results about a person’s brand, relegating the bad content to the darkest cellars of Google. 

Promotion of positive celebrity content

Sometimes, good news needs more visibility. Since 90+% of people never venture beyond page two of a search, Reputation X pushes positive content about celebrities up where it gets seen. We do this for well-known people as well as their publicists – and we do it quietly.

Image removal or suppression

An unflattering image on Wikipedia or in search results can be damaging to one’s image. Salacious or disturbing content rises in search visibility due to negativity bias, the tendency for people to pay more attention to negative things. Reputation X leverages various strategies to dilute, push down, remove, or replace negative photos and images in search and on Wikipedia. 

We de-weaponizing Google

There was a time when most of the knowledge about a public figure came from print and television interviews. Celebrities and their management teams carefully curated the information to ensure that the image received by the public was exactly what was intended. A now-defunct law called the Fairness Doctrine required publishers to offer different viewpoints when reporting on controversial issues. Fairness is now a thing of the past. Today, search and social results are free of adult supervision.

That’s where Reputation X celebrity reputation management comes in. 

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