List of the best SEO blogs

New to SEO, or hoping to sort the wheat from the chaff where search engine optimization content is concerned? Below is a list of top SEO blogs of 2020 for your search engine marketing viewing pleasure.

Distilled Blog

This blog comes from a digital marketing agency with offices in London, New York, and Seattle. The posts focus on SEO and the company itself, but also touch on topics such as marketing, reputation, and the web.

Google Official Blog

The official blog of Google. The search function on this blog is, as expected, great for getting results. Results for search terms “Reputation” and “Reputation Management” return articles directly related to the topics, and are well written and researched.

Google Webmaster Central

This webmaster site has a search tool that is as useful as the rest of Google’s search functions. Through it, you can find a plethora of great content related to reputation, reputation management, and SEO. Some of the content is posted on the Google Official Blog as well, but you may find that it is easier to access through a search here.


This popular blog service has a great marketing blog that covers digital marketing topics. You’ll find the content to be well written, catchy, and highly informative. This blog may contain the nugget that will help you breakthrough.


If you’re interested in the latest on marketing, testing, or analytics, this blog has what you want. Some of the content is directly related to Kissmetrics and what the company can do for you, but it's primarily geared toward helping modern search marketers succeed.

Moz Blog

A lot of the content on this blog is from experts in the industry who really know their stuff. Online marketing and SEO are the focus of the content, but there is a broad range of categories covered and you can browse them by topic.

Screaming Frog Blog

Based in the UK, this company’s blog shares mostly news and talk from the company itself. However, much of the content is related to SEO and marketing which includes content from guests.

Search Engine Land

This site may seem overwhelming at first, but the content is solid and worthwhile. SEO is covered deeply across the posts, which are focused on modern trends and topics within the SEO industry, and you can find dedicated categories for SEM, social, mobile, and more.

SEM Rush

Case studies, SEO, content marketing, marketing, e-commerce, and most other related topics are broadly covered on this search marketing blog. The site itself is sleek and easy to browse by topic or author. They also make it easy to become a contributor, so if you like to write on the subject, you may find a receptive audience here.

Search Engine Roundtable

Much of the content on this search engine site relates to Google. If you’re interested in news about search, this is the blog for you. While the page itself might not be as sleek and modern as some of the others on this list, this blog contains content you’ll be hardpressed to find elsewhere.

SEO Book

This SEO blog takes a traditional approach to blog content display, keeping things simple with the most recent post front and center. There is a decent search feature where you can find content by topic. A large swath of the content on this blog is restricted to members only, however.