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Alternative Wiki Development

Who this is for

The Alternative Wiki Development Service is for businesses, products, or individuals who wish to improve their brand’s online visibility.

The service is often used by brands that want a Wikipedia page but are not quite ready to earn one or by brands that simply want a better story told about them online.

What is included

Our Alternative Wiki Development Service is very similar to a full Wikipedia service but happens faster and costs substantially less. We develop two separate Wikis for one price. Which one you choose will depend on your needs.

The service does not obtain a page on Instead, it develops multiple Wiki articles on other Wikipedia-like sites that are well-visible in search engines.

Cost and timeline

The Alternative Wiki Development Service costs a fraction of what a program would – $4,000 once. 

The process (described in detail here) includes research into proper references, article draft, peer review, final draft, publication, and short-term monitoring.

The process will be completed within 60 days. 

Alternative Wiki process

The Reputation X alternative Wiki development process includes research, draft page development, peer review, editor expertise development, third-party Wiki page publishing and monitoring. We handle almost the entire process from beginning to end. 

Process to develop Wikipedia article alternatives.

Alternative wiki pricing

Research, preparation, copywriting, Wiki markup, and short-term monitoring, are included.

See the chart below for details. 

StartupQuick Start$4,000 – One Time
ResearchNotability ResearchIncluded
 Similar Entity AnalysisIncluded
PreparationArticle Draft AIncluded
 Wikipedia Peer Editor ReviewIncluded
 Article Draft Presentation & DiscussionIncluded
MonitoringActive Article MonitoringIncluded
Total USD $4,000 
One time

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