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RepuTool: Sentiment Analysis Tool

The detailed AI sentiment analysis tool for text-based content.




Input article headline and body text

Reputation X will analyze and score the provided text for sentiment

About the The RepuTool Sentiment Analysis Tool

The RepuTool Sentiment Analysis Tool is part of the Reputation X suite of tools. It has been designed to help analyze the mood or tone of online content. This tool checks the sentiment in headlines, the body of the text, and each sentence individually. In other words, the RepuTool Sentiment Tool doesn’t just give you a simple reputation score. It breaks down the sentiment of each part of the text so you can see the emotion conveyed in the headline, each sentence, and the overall text. This is helpful because it lets you pinpoint which parts of an article might affect how viewers perceive it

Understanding the emotion behind the words is a key aspect of online reputation management services because headlines often appear prominently in search results like Google. Knowing the reputation scores of the headline and text separately and together gives a more comprehensive picture. This is because the headline can give a first impression before the rest of the content is clicked upon in search results.

The RepuTool Sentiment Analysis Tool serves a practical purpose in online reputation management both before content is published online and to pinpoint which content, or part of content, could be causing reputational problems.

How to Read the Analysis

After you have input both the headline and the body of an article and clicked Analyze Text, you will see three gauges, each with five degrees of sentiment ranging from negative to neutral to positive. There is also a numerical score in the upper right that provides sentiment scoring from -1 to 1. So, a score of 0 is neutral, while a score of -5 is of medium negativity.

Below the gauges, you will find a sentence-by-sentence sentiment analysis with a positive, negative, or neutral text score to the left of each sentence.

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