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The Google Knowledge Panel is one of the most visible aspects of your online brand. Reputation X builds, corrects, and improves Knowledge Panel. Whether it's a local or brand panel, we can help. Talk with with an expert to understand your options.

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service overview

Service overview

What our Knowledge Panel service does

Our service works to improve an existing Knowledge Panel, generate a new one, upgrade from a Local to a Brand Knowledge Panel, claim one, manage it, and correct inaccuracies.


Better data structures

We work to move the needle quickly

Knowledge Panels are designed to present facts. Facts come from trusted sources, datasets, websites, and profile information. We analyze and improve the information environment in a way that encourages the development or improvement of Knowlege Panels. 


Improved ratings

Because Google reviews are highly visible

Knowledge Panels show up above all else, and reviews are part of it. This makes Google reviews more visible than other kinds. We improve reviews and ratings as part of most Knowledge Panel campaigns.


Experience since 2005

Expert online brand services

Reputation X was founded in 2005 in California. Since then, we have grown to become one of the most experienced and trusted reputation management firms for globally. 

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Google Knowledge Panel Services

Google Knowledge Panels are powerful tools that showcase a comprehensive summary of your brand or local business directly in Google search results. These panels are derived from authoritative sources and offer a unique opportunity to significantly boost your brand's online presence. Our specialized service focuses on developing and enhancing these panels to ensure your brand stands out in the digital landscape.

Types of Knowledge Panels: Brand and Local

There are two primary types of Google Knowledge Panels: Brand Panels and Local Panels. Brand Panels, often triggered by a Wikipedia page, have a broader geographic reach and are more prevalent. Local Panels, typically activated by a Google Business profile, are easier to achieve and can pave the way to obtaining a Brand Panel. Our strategy involves leveraging both types to maximize your brand's visibility.

Diverse Sources for Rich Information

While Wikipedia is a notable source, Knowledge Panels gather information from various authoritative platforms, including:

  • Brand websites
  • Business databases
  • Wikidata
  • Google My Business
  • High-authority websites like LinkedIn, Britannica, and Yahoo Finance
  • Social media profiles
  • And many more

Our approach encompasses optimizing these sources to enhance the richness and accuracy of your Knowledge Panel.

Broadening the Source Spectrum

Although a Wikipedia page significantly aids in obtaining a Brand Panel, it is not a prerequisite. Our expertise lies in utilizing a multitude of sources to build a robust and informative panel for your brand.

Corroborative Sources for Credibility

Knowledge Panels thrive on verified, corroborative information from multiple trusted sources. We specialize in ensuring that these sources are in harmony, thereby increasing the likelihood of your Knowledge Panel being accurate and comprehensive.

Optimizing the 'Entity Home'

The 'Entity Home' is the cornerstone of your brand's digital identity. Be it your corporate website or a dedicated online profile, we optimize it with strategic edits, schema markup, and links to trusted sources, tailoring it to be the authoritative source for your brand's information.

Consistency in Local Business Listings

Consistent information across various directories is crucial for Knowledge Panel accuracy. We ensure uniformity across all listings to establish factual information, preventing any confusion that might hinder panel creation.

Take the Next Step

Elevate your brand's digital presence with our tailored Knowledge Panel optimization services. Contact one of our experts today to discover how we can transform your brand's online visibility and credibility. 

Knowledge panel FAQs

A Wikipedia page is not strictly necessary to get a Google Knowledge Panel, but it helps. A local panel certainly doesn't require Wikipedia. But a branded (national or global) panel often depends on Wikipedia – but not always. 

A local business can usually generate a local knowledge panel by creating a Google Business profile. A local panel includes reviews, name, address, telephone number, a map, and images of the business. It's different from a brand panel that shows up globally. Brand panels include information like CEO name, founding date, number of employees, and more. Brand panels often evolve from a Wikipedia entry, but not always. 

Both Google and Bing feature knowledge panels (so do other engines). Knowledge panels are triggered when the search engine is confident of the facts needed to populate the panel. Facts are found when trusted entities document the facts, especially when multiple trusted sites agree.

There are two types of knowledge panels, local and brand. Local panels are far more common as they appear for local businesses and other subjects. Brand panels appear in much wider geography but are triggered based on much more information, especially a Wikipedia page. 

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