Remove online content


Reputation X can often remove content from the source, from Google, YouTube, other search engines, and social media. We work in many countries and territories worldwide and most major languages. Types of content we can remove include blog posts, articles, images, social media posts, and videos. The methods we use to delete problem content depend on the type of problem and where it occurs. Costs for internet removal range from $4,000 and up. Some removals can be accomplished in as little as a week.

Methods we use to remove online content

We can often remove web content at the source using one of the following methods:

  • Google terms of service violations
  • A web host or platform terms of service violations
  • Regional laws
  • Addition of special code on a page
  • Direct publisher negotiations
  • Paid removals
  • Publisher relationships we've built

Over 15 years of experience

We've been carefully, confidentially removing negative web content and improving search results since 2005. If we can't do it, it probably can't be done. 

Some content can't be removed

In cases where complete removal is impossible, Reputation X can often "weaken" a search result while strengthening other positive online content. This method reduces the visibility of negative content by effectively pushing it off the first pages of search results. 

Long term results

Our methods tend to "stick" over the long haul. There has never been a case where Reputation X has removed a web page, article, image or video where the content was later re-posted. Our oldest clients continue to enjoy clean search results to this day. 

How long does reputation management take?

Some web content removals take as little as a week or two. Others can take many months due to negotiations, legal matters, and the like. 

For web content removal campaigns, we first explore the options available; every project is different. For example, some clients do not wish for publishers to be approached directly, others appreciate a full-frontal approach, still, others prefer the middle path. Each solution is managed in a careful and thoughtful manner. 

What does web content removal cost?

Some removals cost $4,000 one-time. This is usually the case when we have a pre-existing relationship with the publisher. For example, if it becomes necessary to act as a confidential broker to arrange for paid removal, it can take more time and consume more resources. 

Web content removal alternatives

When negative web content simply cannot be removed, the best option is often suppression. A suppression project effectively "pushes down" online content in search results so that it is far less visible or disappears entirely from search results. 


Know before you invest

We understand. No one wants to invest in removing or suppressing negative web content without a solid understanding of what is and is not possible.

There's a reason Reputation X has been in business for over 15 years, and here's the secret: we only engage in campaigns with a high probability of success.

Reputation X will perform a free analysis and provide a transparent and objective opinion as to what can be done before you spend a dime.

Just ask for a free analysis, and our experts will provide an honest opinion as to success. If there is a way to meet your objectives at no cost or without using our services, we'll let you know that too.