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Everything is included

Research, strategy, monitoring, and more. We do it all, so you don’t have to. Here’s a sample of what we provide. See our Wikipedia editing timeline for more details.

  • Reference analysis
  • Notability analysis
  • Wikipedia editor peer review
  • Draft article development
  • Organic page growth
  • Wikipedia article Monitoring


Highest quality editors

Carefully cultivated relationships add up.

New Wikipedia articles about companies are always scrutinized. An experienced Wikipedia editor is worth their weight in gold. They are trusted, experienced, and can see problems to avoid, so a new article doesn't invite unwelcome scrutiny.

Reputation X excels at Wikipedia page creation for brands and businesses due to our deep knowledge, relationships, and unique Wikipedia editor peer-review process.


Wikipedia peer review

Top-level editor pre-launch testing.

The best way to develop a new Wikipedia page is to have genuine high-level Wikipedia editors apply constructive criticism to it before it’s even published.

Our objective is to improve Wikipedia. We pull together a small group of experienced editors to stress-test a proposed article for neutrality and relevance before the publication process begins.


The experience you need

17+ Years. We’ve seen it – and solved it.

Reputation X was founded way back in 2005. Since then, we have evolved to be one of the most trustworthy Wikipedia editing agencies in the world, working in over a dozen languages.

Why use a professional Wikipedia service

A Wikipedia article is a potent asset for enhancing a business's online presence. As one of the top five most visited websites globally, Wikipedia often appears among the first search results for a company or brand.

A well-crafted Wikipedia article not only boosts a business’s online reputation but also establishes it as a credible information source. However, creating or editing a Wikipedia article requires specific knowledge and adherence to guidelines.

The Risk of Internal Editing

Internal public relations personnel should avoid authoring or editing their company’s Wikipedia articles. Their proximity to the subject often leads to unintentional bias and promotional language, which violates Wikipedia's neutrality and conflict of interest guidelines.

Wikipedia demands a neutral tone and third-party sources for article content. Internal edits frequently result in promotional content, risking the article's deletion or extensive modification by Wikipedia editors.

Professional Wikipedia editing services, like Reputation X, rely on deep research, editor research, bias analysis, reference and publication parity, and more to ensure that articles are accurate, unbiased, and adhere to Wikipedia's standards.

Developing a Quality Article

An article should detail a business's history and achievements without a sales pitch. Notable industry recognitions or product information should be handled carefully to avoid appearing promotional.

Reputation X's approach involves researching Wikipedia editors and their editing patterns to maintain article stability and minimize rollbacks.

A good Wikipedia article should include:

  • High-quality, notable references from news articles, academic publications, and industry reports, avoiding primary sources like press releases.
  • A well-structured layout with clear headings and subheadings.
  • Comprehensive, factual content with well-cited sources.
  • A neutral, unbiased tone.

Reputation X ensures that these elements are effectively incorporated, aligning with Wikipedia’s guidelines and maximizing the article’s impact.

Professional Editing Advantage

Understanding Wikipedia's complex guidelines and editor biases is crucial for successful article writing and editing. Our service develops an informative, accurate article that adheres to Wikipedia's standards and avoids negative consequences like rollbacks or deletions. 

You might be surprised to learn that not one Reputation X employee is a Wikipedia. Instead, our network of editors makes edits they choose to and can stand behind using the recommendations we provide. The selection of experienced trusted Wikipedia editors is crucial for article stability. Reputation X’s access to high-level editors is pivotal in ensuring that edits are accepted by the Wikipedia community.

Monitoring and Updating

Continuous monitoring and updating of Wikipedia articles are vital. Reputation X provides ongoing surveillance to keep the article relevant and accurate, addressing the inherent risks of public edits.

In summary, Reputation X's decade-long experience in helping to create high-quality Wikipedia articles ensures a positive impact on a business’s online presence.

Wikipedia article creation process

01 Notability & References

We research the notability of a potential business and the references used to build the article.

02 Wikipedia edit development

Step two involves developing the basic content and references of the page based on similar successful articles.

03 Approvals

We collaborate with the client on the initial draft of the new Wikipedia page.

04 Peer review

A small group of high-level Wikipedia editors analyze the prospective article. They provide edits and recommendations needed for a successful page.

05 Page creation

The research and notability-based edits we suggest for page creation are made by third-party editors at their discretion.

06 Monitor & improve

The new Wikipedia page is monitored for changes and improved over time.

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View the free Wikipedia page creation case study

Our Wikipedia page development case study for businesses outlines the issue, the steps we took to solve the problem, and the outcome. This case was chosen to most closely reflect a 'typical' scenario, though all are in fact different.

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Guide to Wikipedia article creation

Best practices for creation of new Wikipedia pages.

Questions about Wikipedia creation

Wikipedia bases the need for a standalone article on notability. Notability is different than fame. Notability means that a subject is significant and capable of attracting notice on its own. While most famous subjects would fall into that category, a subject can be notable without being famous.

Technically, yes. You can create a Wikipedia page for your company – but that doesn’t mean you should. Wikipedia has guidelines that discourage authors and editors from writing about their own businesses, and any articles or edits that seem to involve a conflict of interest will be swiftly deleted and the account potentially banned.

Reputation X does not employ Wikipedia editors. We are a research firm that curates the necessary notability and fact-checking needed to develop or improve a Wikipedia article.

Wikipedia editors perform peer-review the research and editing suggestions we provide for quality assurance. Third-party editors in the wild make the edits. It's up to them whether or not they wish to make the edits and in what manner, or not. 

Free reputation consultation

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Talk with an expert
schedule a meeting

Set a Meeting

Schedule a Zoom meeting with an expert

Discuss your options with an expert. Get answers to questions about the best way to proceed, timeline, pricing, and much more.

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