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Research, strategy, monitoring, and more. We do it all, so you don’t have to. Here’s a sample of what we provide. See our Wikipedia editing timeline for more details.

  • Reference analysis
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  • Wikipedia editor peer review
  • Draft article development
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Highest quality editors

Carefully cultivated relationships add up.

New Wikipedia articles about companies are always scrutinized. An experienced Wikipedia editor is worth their weight in gold. They are trusted, experienced, and can see problems to avoid, so a new article doesn't invite unwelcome scrutiny.

Reputation X excels at Wikipedia page creation for brands and businesses due to our deep knowledge, relationships, and unique Wikipedia editor peer-review process.


Wikipedia peer review

Top-level editor pre-launch testing.

The best way to develop a new Wikipedia page is to have genuine high-level Wikipedia editors apply constructive criticism to it before it’s even published.

Our objective is to improve Wikipedia. We pull together a small group of experienced editors to stress-test a proposed article for neutrality and relevance before the publication process begins.


The experience you need

17+ Years. We’ve seen it – and solved it.

Reputation X was founded way back in 2005. Since then, we have evolved to be one of the most trustworthy Wikipedia editing agencies in the world, working in over a dozen languages.

Why use a professional Wikipedia service

A Wikipedia article can be an incredibly powerful tool for enhancing the online profile of a business. Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world (one of the top five most visited) and is often one of the first results that appear when searching for a company or brand. A well-written and informative Wikipedia article can help to establish a business as an authoritative source of information and can greatly enhance its online reputation. But there is a lot to know about creating or editing a Wikipedia article. Expand this article to find out more.

Why internal marketers should not edit their Wikipedia article

For some reason, PR people get caught rather often. The truth is, internal public relations persons within a company should not author or edit Wikipedia articles for themselves because they are likely to be biased and use marketing-speak – they can't help it. Edits by insiders often edit in a way that clearly violates Wikipedia's guidelines for neutrality and conflict of interest. Wikipedia requires articles to be written in a neutral, unbiased tone and to be supported by reliable, third-party sources. We've found that internal public relations personnel are most often too close to the subject to provide a truly unbiased perspective, and may be more likely to include promotional language or self-serving information. This can result in the article being flagged for deletion or aggressively edited by Wikipedia editors.

It is best to work with a professional Wikipedia editing service like Reputation X to ensure that the article is accurate, unbiased, and complies with Wikipedia's guidelines.

Quality article development

A Wikipedia article should provide a comprehensive and unbiased overview of a business's history, accomplishments, and notable achievements – but it must do so without being promotional. That's a tough line to walk for most internal marketing professionals. While a Wikipedia article for a business may also include information on the products and services offered, as well as notable industry awards or recognitions, these are often considered too promotional. We've found that certain well-known Wikipedia editors act decisively and against the company's interest when they sense a promotional angle. For example, there are Wikipedia editors that will nominate an article for heavy edits, or even deletion, based on suspicion of promotional material. Reputation X researches existing editors, and their edits, to help ensure a stable Wikipedia article with few if any rollbacks.

By providing accurate and detailed information, from an arms-length point of view, a Wikipedia article can help to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Elements of a good article

A well-crafted business Wikipedia article should be composed of several key elements. It should have high-quality notable references, including reliable sources such as news articles, academic publications, and industry reports. Primary sources are generally not allowed. That includes press releases or the company website.

The content should be well-structured, with clear headings and subheadings, and should provide a comprehensive overview of the business's history, products, and services. The article should be well-researched, with accurate and up-to-date information, and should include well-cited sources to support all claims made. The tone should be neutral and unbiased, avoiding any promotional language or marketing-speak.

The structure and content of the article should also comply with Wikipedia's guidelines and policies, including notability guidelines. Reputation X can ensure that all of these elements are present and well-executed, maximizing the impact of the article on the business. 

Reputation X has been developing high-quality articles for over a decade, we know what works.

Professional editing

A professional Wikipedia editing service like Reputation X can provide a range of benefits that internal PR and marketing teams cannot. Writing and editing a Wikipedia article is a complex process that requires a thorough understanding of Wikipedia's guidelines and policies, existing editing patterns, and the biases of other editors and article-watchers. We can ensure that the article is accurate, informative, and complies with these guidelines – without triggering rollbacks or deletion.

The level of Wikipedia editors used is also important for article stability. High-level, trusted editors are difficult to find, yet they can make all the difference as to whether an article or edits to an article, are accepted by the Wikipedia community.

Monitoring Wikipedia for quality and accuracy

Reputation X provides ongoing monitoring of Wikipedia articles and provides relevant and notable updates to ensure that the article remains accurate and up-to-date. Anyone can edit a Wikipedia article. Because of this, it is essential that a brand have a degree of control over what its Wikipedia article says. 

The Wikipedia creation process

01 Notability & References

We research the notability of a potential business and the references used to build the article.

02 Wikipedia edit development

Step two involves developing the basic content and references of the page based on similar successful articles.

03 Approvals

We collaborate with the client on the initial draft of the new Wikipedia page.

04 Peer review

A small group of high-level Wikipedia editors analyze the prospective article. They provide edits and recommendations needed for a successful page.

05 Page creation

Editors use a stepped approach to organically develop the new Wikipedia page.

06 Monitor & improve

The new Wikipedia page is monitored for changes and improved over time.

See how we've done it before

View the free Wikipedia page creation case study

Our Wikipedia page development case study for businesses outlines the issue, the steps we took to solve the problem, and the outcome. This case was chosen to most closely reflect a 'typical' scenario, though all are in fact different.

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Guide to Wikipedia article creation

Best practices for creation of new Wikipedia pages.

Questions about Wikipedia creation

Wikipedia bases the need for a standalone article on notability. Notability is different than fame. Notability means that a subject is significant and capable of attracting notice on its own. While most famous subjects would fall into that category, a subject can be notable without being famous.

Technically, yes. You can create a Wikipedia page for your company – but that doesn’t mean you should. Wikipedia has guidelines that discourage authors and editors from writing about their own businesses, and any articles or edits that seem to involve a conflict of interest will be swiftly deleted and the account potentially banned.

Wikipedia articles develop organically over time. It isn't natural for them to spring-forth fully developed on day one and is almost certainly a red flag when it does. The best Wikipedia articles evolve naturally over time with edits from multiple experienced Wikipedia editors. 

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schedule a meeting

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Schedule a Zoom meeting with an expert

Discuss your options with an expert. Get answers to questions about the best way to proceed, timeline, pricing, and much more.

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