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The internet is an open space where anyone from anywhere in the world can create any type of content. Every day, thousands of new blog posts, millions of new social media updates and countless hours of new video content is created. Bad things can be said, good things can be leveraged. Tools include:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Media mention listening
  • Online brand monitoring
  • Search result tracking

Search result monitoring

Search engines, in general, and Google search, in particular, contain a lot of content, but not all of it. New content is being created, and old content that hasn't yet been seen by search engines is always being discoverd. Research shows that almost 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine.


Source: Hubshout

Google usually indexes every new piece of content it finds within a few hours. So if an irritated customer leaves an online review on a review site, or if a competitor creates a negative blog, Google would start showing it in its search results within 24-48 hours.

Naturally, search engine monitoring is one of the first and most important tasks involved in online reputation management.

Social media monitoring / listening

Consumers are turning to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to express their views about customer service, product quality and brands in general.

Studies suggest that over 1 million people view Tweets about customer service every week. Alarmingly, more than 80% of those Tweets are negative in nature.


Clearly, modern-day brands need to keep a close eye on what’s being said about them on social media.

Social media monitoring is slightly more complex than search engine monitoring. However, with a smart combination of manual work and automation, timely detection of social mentions is possible.

Here are a few ways to monitor social media reputation.

Hashtag Monitoring

Users on all major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram frequently use hashtags to expand the reach of their posts and make them searchable. Brands can track relevant hashtags to see all the related messages.

Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter is one of the leading social networks in the world. But it’s also a huge search engine when used correctly. Twitter’s advanced search includes multiple filters that allows users to look for Tweets containing relevant keywords and hashtags, or track messages from a particular country or user.

Social and search result monitoring is included

Reputation X includes monitoring in most of the online reputation management campaigns it executes at no additional charge. 

Reputation X helps brands clean up search results, improve reviews, and increase search visibility.

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