ComplaintsBoard review removal

Reputation X can often remove posts on Complaints Board within 30-45 days. Removal is guaranteed.

The site is a consumer advocacy site that lists complaints, tips and tricks, and general questions about companies and products. Nearly every industry is covered on Complaints Board, and each category of business is filled with complaints — charming, right?

We want to remove these posts for you. If you are unfortunate enough to be featured on this site you could be losing opportunities. 

Why does ComplaintsBoard rank so well? ranks highly in a search engine like Google, which considers it a “strong” site. That doesn’t speak to the quality of the site, but to the search function of the search engine in question.

If a site like this does make it into the top search results on Google, it tends to "stick". This makes it harder to counter it by trying to bury it in the search results through our methods of suppression. Removal of Complaints Board posts is the best option.

How long does Complaints Board removal take?

The removal process can take between four to six weeks, but we guarantee the process to work. If we can’t get the post removed we’ll give you your money back.