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How Online Reviews Impact Businesses

According to a 2016 BrightLocal consumer review study:In a world where competition is fierce and first impressions can make or break you, what do you do when somebody is tarnishing your name or business online?

  • 84% of consumers consider online reviews to be as trustworthy as personal recommendations
  • 74% say that good reviews make them have more trust in a business
  • 90% of consumers will read less than 10 reviews before making their ultimate decision about whether to use a business's services or not.

The implications are clear, but not all online reviews are created equal.

Positive Versus Negative Online Reviews

A good online review has the power to boost your reputation and sales, bringing in new customers and encouraging them to share their own positive experiences. A bad review has the opposite effect, driving away potential customers and putting an overall damper on all that you have to offer.

And when all of your competitors are only a Google click away, making sure your reviews are positive—and accurate—is crucial.

And then there's Scam Group.

What is Scam Group?

ScamGroup.com is a website where anyone can publish negative reviews about businesses, services, and individuals. Users are able to submit feedback without registering for the site or offering verification for their review, and Scam Group doesn’t follow up to check on the accuracy of the claims made.

In addition to accepting consumer feedback without verification, Scam Group also tracks submissions made on Ripoff Report (ROR), a site where, like Scam Group, users are able to post anonymous, potentially libelous, complaints.

No Regulation of Online Reviews

Also like Scam Group, ROR makes no effort to verify claims, regardless of their potential impact.

Here’s the thing with bad reviews.If you find yourself entangled with Scam Group, you’re probably going to notice negative reviews about you and your brand—true or false—right up at the top in Google searches because of the highly search engine optimized nature of the site.

Some of the reviews are warranted, some exaggerated, and some of them are posted by competitors or difficult clients with the purposeful intent of inducing damage.

Reviews Used as Weapons of Reputation Destruction

As of this writing, we recieved a report from a prospect today that claimed that competitors not only posted patently false information to Scam Group, but Ripoff Report, ComplaintsBoard.com and others as well. Since bad reviews are not verified, doing so is extremely easy. Then the attackers would contact companies like Reputation X, place the victims information in a contact form, to get the reputation management company to call them. It's an example of modern day cyber-harrassment. 

A bad review can mean a significant loss in clients, sales, and integrity. It can mean the difference between a flourishing business and a struggling business.

The power of a bad review is no secret, which is why so many well-meaning individuals find themselves on the receiving end of unwarranted negativity online. Spreading bad reviews is a way for those who wish to harm the reputation of a person or business to do so quickly and efficiently, with Scam Group and similar sites enabling the rapid dissemination of unverified, disparaging reporting by anonymous users.

Handling Malicious Reviewers

Many legitimate businesses have found themselves on the receiving end of untrue damaging reviews. Scam Group makes the process easier by giving credence to the negative feedback and ensuring that when a potential client searches your name or business the link to your page on Scam Group will be one of the very first things they’ll see.

Despite its lack of oversight, Scam Group is considered highly authoritative by Google.

Google doesn't seem to have found a way to tell truth from fiction yet. A prominent presence on Scam Group means that not only will consumers easily be able to find negative reviews associated with your business, the reviews will likely be the very first thing to pop up when anyone searches for you. Trying to solve the problem on your own can be frustrating, fruitless, and even counter-productive. And without a means of recourse, Scam Group’s practices can have severe consequences.

That's where an online reputation mangagement consultant can help.

You’ve worked hard for your credibility, and you deserve to have it portrayed correctly online. Reputation X guarantees removal from ScamGroup.com. Using a variety of proven techniques, we’ll work to get your negative presence removed from Scam Group and similar sites so negatives no longer appear at the top of Google listings, or, in some cases, even on Google at all.

How Long Does it Take to Remove Reviews from Scam Group?

Project completion typically takes between four and six weeks (or less), and we’re so confident in our ability to remove your page from Scam Group that we offer a money-back guarantee if your article is not removed from ScamGroup.com within 45 days.

We have over a 90% success rate for Scam Group deletion.

Clients who use our service have their complete associations with Scam Group scrubbed out, including removal of the Scam Group report in Google search results.

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See how Reputation X can help you: 1-800-889-4812