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Reputation repair service overview

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This article answers the following questions:

  • What's the right kind of repair service for your brand?
  • How is reputation repair accomplished?
  • What is our success rate?
  • What does reputation repair cost?

Fixing your online reputation can make an enormous difference in the quality and quantity of opportunities that come your way. The consequences are often huge for brands - in many cases a business can experience a 22% drop in business from a single negative search result on the first page (whether the information is true or not).

That’s where Reputation X comes in - to restore balance. Because normally, search and social platforms aren't going to fix the problem for you.

Business can experience a 22% drop in business from a single negative search result

Real online reputation repair requires a strategic and thoughtful combination of a few key techniques, and the specific mix is determined by an analysis of your brand’s (individual or corporate) search results and reviews.




Types of reputation repair

Types of online reputation repair programs include:

  • Direct removal of problem content at the source
  • Direct removal of content from search engines
  • Reduce the visibility of negative content online
  • Generally improve the online brand
  • Develop a counterpoint / counter- narrative


Removal of negative content at the source

Negative online content can sometimes be removed either at the source or from search results. When content can be removed directly from the website on which it is hosted it's considered removal at the source. 

Reputation X often negotiates with web publishers, hosting companies, or individuals in order to have certain online content removed. We also have existing relationships with some publishers and can provide expedited removals. Inquire with us to find out if we can have the content removed from a specific publisher. 


Direct removal from search engines

Some content can be removed from Google or other search engines under certain circumstances. For example, content that violates search engine guidelines, copyrighted content, or types of content protected by law. 


Push negative search results down - reduce visibility

If problematic search results cannot be removed, they can often be "pushed down". This method of reputation management is known as suppression. Positive content is created and/or promoted above the negative until it is rarely seen. 


Improve overall online brand

Brands are often confused with those of competitors. Sometimes they simply have a weak online profile or even none. In these cases, Reputation X can improve the overall online brand by strengthening online profiles, websites, articles and other media related to the brand. 


Counterpoint development

A counterpoint narrative is a tool we usually employ as a temporary measure. It provides a counter-narrative - the truth - high in search results so that our clients don't have to keep explaining "what really happened". Prospective customers and stakeholders can see the counterpoint right in search results. When it's time, we take it down. 



Our reputation repair methodology is somewhat different for every project we accept. The process described below is an example of a typical one. 

online reputation management process



A higher success rate

We have a higher success rate than other reputation management companies in part because we only provide online reputation repair services to clients we believe we can actually help. We don't want to waste your money or our time on a campaign that won't fix your brands' reputation.


Reputation repair prices

The actual costs of online reputation repair are hard to pin down without really digging into the specific problem because issues that need to be corrected can vary considerably from case to case. Some reputation problems are more challenging to solve and will require more resources than others (and therefore cost). This is why every campaign we execute is designed from the ground up based on your specific needs. We remain completely transparent with our clients on the tactics we're using from day one.

Here are some guidelines to help you budget:

Cost examples

  • Basic Level
    $3,000 - $5,000 per month for six months or longer.
  • Professional Level
    $5,000 - $8,000 per month for six to twelve months or longer.
  • Enterprise Level
    $8,000 - A$15,000 per month for six to twelve months or longer.
  • Custom Programs
    Inquire. Custom programs are for larger scale, international, or very difficult reputation repair issues.

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What's your reputation costing you?

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“Reputation X has done an excellent job for our company. They deleted nearly all negative online content placed by a very active detractor, and pushed down the rest.”

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