Online Reputation Repair Services

A 22% drop in business can occur from a single negative

Fixing your online reputation can make an enormous difference in the quality and quantity of opportunities that come your way. The consequences are often huge for brands - in many cases a business can experience a 22% drop in business from a single negative search result on the first page (whether the information is true or not).

That’s where we come in - to restore balance. Because normally, search and social platforms aren't going to fix the problem for you.

Monitor online reputation

How do we do it?

Real reputation repair requires a strategic and thoughtful combination of a few key techniques, and the specific mix is determined by an analysis of your brand’s (individual or corporate) search results and reviews. 

Those key techniques include:

  • Remove negative content at the source
  • Remove negative content from search results
  • Add positive content to your online presence
  • Change search results to balance online sentiment
  • Push bad results down in Google
  • Improve Google business reviews and complaints
  • Improve Yelp and other online reviews

How successful is reputation repair?

We have a higher success rate that other reputation management companies we know of in part because we only provide  services to clients we believe we can help. The reality is, sometimes the probability of correcting a given online problem is too low because damage is either too significant or for other technical reasons - so we have to turn projects down. But the ones we agree to take are only those we believe we can actually help.

What does it cost?

The actual costs of online reputation repair are hard to pin down without really digging into the specific problem, because issues that need to be corrected can vary considerably from case to case. Some reputation problems are more challenging to solve, and will require more resources than others (and therefore cost). This is why every campaign we execute is designed from the ground up based on the your specific needs.

However, here are some guidelines to help you budget:

Cost examples

  • Online Review Management
    $1,500 per month and up depending on number of locations and other factors. Includes monitoring.
  • Basic Reputation Management
    $3,000 - $5,000 per month for six months or longer.
  • More Aggressive Reputation Programs
    $5,000 - $7,500 per month for six to twelve months or longer.
  • Complex or International Reputation Management
    The same as aggressive reputation management but additional overhead costs such as in-country resources, translation, and cultural quality control can increase costs by about 25%.

What's your reputation costing you?

In today's online environment, there are many factors that can cost a brand opportunity. What might negative search results cost you? We can help you figure that out. Click here to set up an appointment for a free analysis of your online brand and steps that can be taken to improve it.