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How We Fix Reputation Issues

We use a number of techniques to fix online reputation problems. Here is a sampling:

  • Directly negotiate removal at the source when possible
  • Make negative content unreadable by search engines like Google
  • Completely remove search results from Google
  • Push negative content off the first page of search results
  • Create a glowing first page of search results leveraging big name publishers, influencers, web and social platforms

Why is a Clean Reputation Important?

Here are a few statistics that reveal why a great online reputation can be a benefit to people and companies alike: 


Of course the second question nearly always asked is "what does reputation management cost?". The costs of reputation management are hard to pin down without details because the problems are so wide-ranging. They can involve content development, placement fees, negotiation, legal costs, even charitable donations to make things happen. See the breakout below for sample reputation repair pricing:

The Cost of Reputation Repair

Repution management pricing is wide-ranging and depends heavily on the solution needed. Here are a few sample costs for popular campaigns:

  • Cost of Basic Reputation Management
    $2000 - $3000 per month for about six months. 
  • Cost of More Aggressive Reputation Management
    $5000 - $7500 per month for six to twelve months.
  • Cost of International Reputation Management
    The same as aggressive reputation management but additional overhead costs like in-country resources, translation, and cultural quality control can increase costs by about 25%.

Can I Do It Myself?

You often can. If problems are not severe, and time is more plentiful than budget, a program of simply creating tens of thousands of words and building web properties has been known to work. If you would like to explore doing it yourself you can download the free online reputation management guide (button below) or check out some tips on our site here, or read on for more information on how to do it below.

Download the reputation management guide

Why Should I Hire Professionals?

If you need to fix an online reputation it often pays to hire someone who has been doing it for a while and has the right resources. Here are some things the pros have that most people and businesses don't:

  • Connections with bloggers and journalists.
  • A huge database of sites willing to promote clients.
  • Professional content creators for every industry.
  • Expertise. Search engines change literally every single day.

Brand Reputation Programs Lower Risk

You've worked to showcase your brand or image accurately across digital media and social – but ultimately, others can say anything they want about you online. Even the strongest companies are susceptible to negative reviews, press scandals, and misinformation at some point in time - but those with reputation management programs often don't show it. Online reputation repair fixes search results that are incorrect, unflattering, or irrelevant.

Problems Are Almost Inevitable

While reputation problems will eventually hurt most successful companies, the solution to reduce this eventuality is online reputation repair, which involves both managing negative content and curating positive content. Your end goal could be greater brand visibility or more sales for your company, or more accurate information for the public. Some companies hire reputation management experts to help with ongoing internet monitoring, in order to differentiate from the competition by providing stellar customer service.

We're Your On-Call Reputation Repair Team

Ongoing reputation repair and management requires an orchestrated effort between social media managers, Web programmers, SEO and marketing experts, and content creators to positively shape public opinion online.

In-House vs. As-Needed Reputation Experts

Some largebusinesses have reputation teams in house, but when a negative event turns catastrophic, traditional PR or marketing departments may not have the depth of technical expertise to handle the resulting domino effect. It's far more than just press releases. Here are some reasons why outsourcing to an American reputation management company may be the right choice:

  • Lower cost than in-house team
  • Use only when needed
  • Augment existing marketing team for big pushes
  • Dedicated professionals up to date on the latest techniques

The Cost of a Bad Reputation

Consider the following statistics, all of which highlight the long-term cost of a negative brand reputation online:

  • A single negative event is directly related to loss of revenue. 41 percent of companies surveyed in a 2013 Deloitte study reported that a negative reputation event caused loss of brand value and revenue.

  • 58% of Americans perform online research about the products and services they’re considering purchasing, according to a HelpScout infographic. In effect, six out of every ten of your customers sees whatever appears under search results when they enter your name. If anything negative exists on the first page, that’s the first impression they receive.
  • According to Moz, 67% of Consumers are Influenced by Online Reviews

  • Customers have the greatest power to drive your company’s reputation –– for better, or worse. Customers are more likely to share negative experiences than positive ones. In social media and the blogosphere, one viral review can spread to millions of customers overnight. For instance, when a customer caught a FedEx employee on camera tossing a package containing a computer monitor over a gate, the video racked up millions of hits –– to which the company responded swiftly with an apology.

Reputation Repair for Companies Large and Small


While multinational corporations with tarnished reputations tend to make headlines (consider the 2010 Toyota recall of nearly 4 million vehicles, or a medicine recall that knocked down the sales of children’s Tylenol by up to 90 percent in 2010), reputation repair isn’t just for the Fortune 500.

Nonprofits, small businesses, bloggers, and journalists have suffered major professional setbacks from viral content. For instance, a Chrysler employee mistakenly posted a profane comment to Chrysler’s Twitter account, resulting in the loss of his job. In a similar vein, writer Jen Polachek “went into hiding” after the publication of a tone-deaf article in 2014 that came across as racist on feminist website, xoJane.

Who Can Use Reputation Services?

Reputation consulting services can help address these types of fallout and restore positive impressions for a range of clients, including:

  • Startups. Market research reports that up to 60 percent of startups fold within the first three years of business, so it’s crucial for these incubations to get off to a solid start in the public eye.
  • SMB and enterprise corporations. Online reputation repair empowers established businesses to build an online community of brand evangelists and address customer complaints proactively.
  • Individuals and celebrities. Individuals may seek online reputation management to recover from identity theft, get removed from people search sites, reduce the prevalence of arrest records, quell a mistake that went viral, or remove malicious content posted by another.
  • Government officials. For those whose career depends on their public image, an online reputation management strategy is essential to professional development.
  • Nonprofits and NGOs. Positive press can spread awareness of a cause, or alternately, bring to light any injustices committed by unethical organizations.

An ill-conceived tweet from an executive, politician, or a single customer miscommunication spread across Facebook, or even a mishandled product defect can resonate long after you address the issue itself.

Even though content “lives” on the internet forever, there are proven tactics for reputation repair and ongoing management that have saved individuals and businesses from catastrophe, and driven a positive image back into their online identity.

Approaches to Reputation Repair

There are two main approaches to immediate reputation repair: you can take it on yourself, or hire a professional to help you develop and implement a strategy. The route you choose depends on a number of factors, including the gravity of your situation, your budget, and your ongoing needs.

DIY reputation repair tips


If you are only facing a few poor Google or Yelp reviews, you may be able to take your reputation into your own hands. A few tips:

  • Look for valuable insights nested within bad reviews. Admit fault and take responsibility for poor customer experiences, and see comments from dissatisfied customers as opportunities to change. In an increasingly transparent business landscape, customers expect honest and direct responses from brands. Stay in touch with dissatisfied customers, too, whether through email or a follow-up call.
  • Respond both proactively and reactively to social media. An ongoing positive reputation hinges on the addition of positive press, not just the suppression of the bad stuff. Learn from your mistakes. If a Yelp review containing misinformation goes viral, don’t just reply to the customer and sit back –– develop a process for monitoring Yelp reviews in the future, before they take on a life of their own.
  • Set up TalkWalker Alerts to notify you whenever your name, company, or other relevant keywords are mentioned online. This is a great tool for businesses to take notice of both positive and negative buzz about their brand. TalkWalker tends to be far better than Google Alerts at reputation monitoring.
  • Resist the urge to fight or delete. In many cases, handling a bad review with stellar customer service will yield better results than attempting to remove the comment altogether –– and it will almost always fare better than getting into an argument in the public eye.

Partnering with Reputation Repair Experts


If your challenges go beyond a few poor reviews or social media comments, it may be worthwhile to hire a professional reputation management company like Reputation X to help. For example, if a dissenter has created a fake “hate” site or engaged in elaborate attacks on your image, repairing your reputation may be a long road should you go it alone.

However you approach the improvement of your online presence, the best strategies are focused on the long-term and influence your audience across multiple channels. Negative events may feel catastrophic now, but with an ethical and experienced reputation management partner, you can conquer bad press –– no matter how viral it becomes.

At Reputation X, we create a personalized reputation protection plan for each client, employing the latest tactics in both SEO and human outreach. Because our approach is organic rather than automated, our clients’ reputation management strategies endure as Google’s algorithms change over time.

Call ReputationX at 1-800-889-4812 contact us for more information and a complimentary consultation.

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