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What is reputation marketing?

Reputation marketing is the promotion, monitoring, and acquisition of positive brand content, such ...

Reputation marketing service overview

What is reputation marketing?

Reputation marketing combines reputation management with brand building. It promotes positive content from third parties, like online reviews, social media posts, and traditional press to improve your online reputation. A better brand reputation provides more opportunities.

Reputation marketing is an opportunity to proactively build your brand authority and reputation, which creates more positive opportunities and serves as a line of defense against negative content.

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What reputation marketing accomplishes

  • Look better when compared to competition
  • Dominate your brands' search results
  • Improve reviews and ratings
  • Own a higher percentage of branded results
  • Wikipedia page development

Frequently asked questions

What is involved in reputation marketing?

A reputation marketing campaign includes research, strategy, web development, content and promotion. A typical campaign includes the following:

What is the duration of a reputation marketing campaign?

Reputation marketing services typically run for at least six months and can last years. How long a campaign runs depends on business goals and the competitive environment. The first month of a campaign focuses on research. The reputation marketing strategy is presented near the beginning of month two. Execution of tasks begins immediately upon strategy approval. 

What tasks are typically involved?

The reputation marketing strategy informs tasks. Tasks are different for every campaign. Here are some examples:

  • Gap analysis comparing your brand to your competition
  • Setup of missing Google and Bing profiles
  • Updates of existing Wikipedia pages
  • Guidance for PR targets
  • On-page SEO guidance/execution
  • Off-page SEO such as link building
  • Research and development of micro-data/schema
  • Special web domain development
  • Improvement of reviews and ratings
  • Content marketing

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Methods used for reputation marketing

Reputation marketing costs

Pricing for reputation marketing services starts at $3,000 per month for at least six months. Costs for more complex campaigns can be $15,000 per month or more, especially if the campaign is global in nature. 

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