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Expert Wikipedia page creation services.


Reputation X creates Wikipedia articles for individuals and brands with sufficient notability and references. New Wikipedia pages we create are designed to pass the high standards necessary for inclusion. See below for notability guidelines, our process, and pricing for Wikipedia page development.

Service Overview


Reputation X is one of the most experience online reputation firms in the world. We've been at this more than 15 years.

The Wikipedia editors we work with are experts with a minimum of five years experience and subject matter experts. 

Our relationships with a wide variety of editors with specialized expertise insure the highest quality articles.

Peer Review

Reputation X developed a unique peer review process to insure the highest quality content is published on Wikipedia.

Once thorough research has been completed the unpublished draft document is shared with Wikipedia experts for discussion and improvement. We take this extra step to identify any weaknesses in the future article, leading to better outcomes. 

Wikidata Included

Wikidata is a database used by search engines to understand entities - like brands. Simple Wikidata entries are automatically generated when a Wikipedia page is created. But Reputation X dramatically improves them with more detailed information to improve overall search results for our clients well beyond Wikipedia alone.

15+ Years Experience

Reputation X has been helping to improve the online brands of executives, politicians, companies, NGO's, political entities, and celebrities since 2005. 

We have the deep experience to understand virtually any problem and develop a solution. Our creative, custom, approaches have withstood the test of time. We're looking forward to helping you. 



Wikipedia notability 101

Every day, Wikipedia takes down about 1,000 pages. The main reason Wikipedia pages are deleted is lack of notability. To be notable enough for a Wikipedia page means your brand (a person, company, political entity, etc.) is demonstrably well known to a relevant audience. Notability is usually backed up by trustworthy third-party references. 

What are references?

References are primarily articles written about the brand in more than a passing manner. A mention is not the same thing as an article. In most cases, press releases don't count as notable. The brands own website is not a good reference. Guest contributions by your CEO are not usually good references either. The list of things that are not good references as proof of notability is long. Examples of a solid reference might be an entire standalone article in the New York Times about how great your company / band / CEO / Product / Service is. 

How many references?

Generally, a new Wikipedia article will require at least ten very solid third-party references. We say generally because what counts as notable for one industry or entity may not count for another. For a deep dive into what makes a good reference check out this article about Wikipedia notability.

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Wikipedia Editing Overview

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Wikipedia creation process

The Reputation X Wikipedia page development process includes research, draft page development, peer review, editor expertise development, third-party Wikipedia page relevance seeding, page publishing, monitoring and defense. We handle almost the entire process from beginning to end. 

Wikipedia editing process



Great Wikipedia articles are the result of solid research, notable references, and appropriate formatting backed up by seasoned editors.

We thoroughly research individual or corporate brands to insure notability guidelines are met prior to page creation. Reputation X only accepts clients with notability exceeding 80% probability of success or greater. If a client is close we can often help them over the finish line. 

Wikipedia strategy

Simply creating a Wikipedia page and publishing it is not sufficient as the odds of success are quite low. Instead, a deliberate program of seeding existing Wikipedia pages with reference-able information, the development of some aspects of notability, and an organic and patient editing philosophy are paths to success today. Our strategies have withstood the test of time for over a decade with a success rate greater than 95%.

Draft development

In most cases, we design the complete page in advance, but get content added to it over time in a natural way. Before any content is added to Wikipedia our editors painstakingly craft the content to meet exacting standards that are later reviewed during our third-party editor peer review process. The goal is to create a page that improves Wikipedia while at the same time serving our clients. 

Peer review for quality

Reputation X developed a unique peer review process to insure the highest quality content is published on Wikipedia. Once thorough research has been completed the unpublished draft document is shared with Wikipedia experts for critical discussion and improvement. We take this extra step to identify any weaknesses in the future article, leading to better outcomes. 


Wikipedia editors get the final say as to what they will or will not publish. After all, their reputations as high-quality editors are on the line. Publication often takes place with multiple editors over time. How we approach publication depends on many factors. Our standards, peer review, and process almost always result in a successfully developed Wikipedia page. 


Once a page has been successfully launched, Reputation X monitors the page for changes, asking editors to respond as appropriate to any challenges. 

Wikipedia page creation pricing

Research, preparation, copy writing, Wikipedia markup, and monitoring, are included. Notability and reference-able 3rd party articles are presumed ready. Allowances can be made should creation of notability be needed.

The average monthly price for Wikipedia page creation is $5,000 and normally lasts six months. Some campaigns can cost more, or less. An example of a campaign that would cost more includes some international Wikipedia page creation, pages likely to be challenged, and pages with active detractors (environmental issues and the like). Campaigns that cost less normally include pages that already exist but need to be cleaned up, lightly defended, or generally improved. Contact Reputation X to learn more about what your campaign may require (free).





Quick Start

$3,000 - One Time


Notability Research



Similar Entity Analysis



Article Draft A


Wikipedia Peer Editor Review


Article Draft B


Quality Assurance


Article Draft Presentation & Discussion



Wikipedia Article Seeding (as needed)


Stub or Article Publication


Monitoring Setup


Round 2 Editing


Round 3 Editing


Round 4 Editing



Active Article Monitoring


Article Defense (When appropriate)



Ask a representative which price point is right for you

USD $3,000 or $5,000 or $8,000
Per month for 6 months. Price depends on resources needed. Each case is different


* This is an average price. See above for examples.