Reputation Marketing Services

A list of ORM services provided.

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Removing search results

Whenever possible our reputation marketing services work to remove search results directly from the source.

Strong relationships with many online publishers enable us to effectively delete search results in a way they never come back. Often search results cannot be deleted at the source though. Predatory websites, publisher policies, and intransigence stand in the way. In this case, reputation marketing tactics work to delete search results from Google, Yahoo or Bing directly so that while the negative remains on the original site, it is no longer present in search results. Still, many pages simply cannot be removed, and in this case, our services default to suppressing search results.

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Pushing Down Search Results

Often web pages cannot be removed or altered so they no longer appear when people search. In this case, we use a "suppression" campaign. A suppression campaign pushes down bad search results by promoting good ones. Sometimes good web pages already exist, most times they need to be created to some extent. We design a program to improve online branding and promote positive search results. Our publisher relationships, content marketing strategy, search engine optimization, and social media engineering all work together to put our client's best face forward on the internet.

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Protect Search Results

We help protect already good search results while making them even better. Bing, Yahoo, and Google are in the business of search relevance. If your search results are not as strong as they could be, negatives can creep onto the first page, causing reputation damage. Reputation X examines similar people or companies, analyzes strengths and weaknesses in their profiles, then crafts our client's profiles to meet or beat them. The end result is a much stronger online presence through the art and science of internet reputation management.

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Review Management

We offer review management on various platforms including Yelp, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and City Search. How it is done depends on a number of factors, but the first method is generally leveraging past and current customers in an organic fashion to cause ratings to improve naturally over time.

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“Reputation X has done an excellent job for our company. They deleted nearly all negative online content placed by a very active detractor, and pushed down the rest.”

SafeHarbor Ralph Serrano President | Safe Harbor Equity

"You will be glad to have Reputation X as a strategic partner."

lovelllogo-1 Rosemary Plorin CEO | Lovell

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