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When someone wants to know about you, the first place they’re going to turn to is the Internet. What they find when they type you or your business’s name into the search box can ultimately determine whether they work with you or not.

Consider these statistics from BrightLocal’s 2016 Consumer Survey Review about how individuals use the internet to conduct research:

  • 91% of consumers regularly turn to online reviews to learn about a business
  • 63% of consumers use search engines, not specific review-site URLs, to locate reviews
  • 68% of consumers form an opinion about a brand after reading just 1-6 reviews


There’s a lot riding on your ability to display a positive reputation, and especially your ability to display a better reputation than your competitors

What is a Reputation Analysis?

A reputation analysis looks deep into the data of what people see when they search for you online and builds a strategy for improvement. There are a few facets to this, and improvement in these areas can mean more customers, more opportunities, and better profits:

Comparing your reputation against any possible competitors.

How do you stand up to your competitors when you’re compared against each other in search listings?

Measuring the gaps between your reputation and those of others in your field.

In what specific areas are you struggling and succeeding in relation to your competitors?

Developing a strategy to enhance your reputation.

What are the specific steps that can be taken to improve your online image?

How the Magic Happens

An effective reputation analysis uses a variety of techniques to improve your brand’s online reputation. Here are just a few of them:

  • Sentiment analysis: What attitudes do people have about you? What are their attitudes towards your competitors?
  • Inbound link structuring: Who is linking to your site? Who isn’t?
  • Ranking: Where does your page come up in the search listings? Why does it come up in the place that it does?
  • Scoring: How do you rate against your competitors when it comes to search listings, social media, mentions, and beyond?

Strategic software

A variety of tools are available that help form a complete picture of where you stand, including:

  • Social Mention: Enables us to easily track social sentiment in real time on your industry or you in particular. All we have to do is plug a few chosen keywords into the box and the site pulls up all relevant mentions.
  • BuzzLogic: A great tool for analyzing your competitors. See what they’re saying, who they’re saying it to, and who they’re linking to.
  • BrandsEye: Not only does this tool monitor all mentions of you online, it provides you with a frequently updated score that tells you where you rate against others in your field.

What you Stand to Gain

At Reputation X, we provide our clients with comprehensive reputation analyses that help them—and us—understand where their reputation stands online, both on its own and in comparison to competitors. It gives us hints about what we’re missing and allows us to map out a plan for improvement.

What can we do for you? Call us at 1-888-529-5015 or fill out the form on this page.

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See how Reputation X can help you: 1-800-889-4812